The Calacanis Challenge (Part Two): Pathway To The Web Throne

Aderemi Ojikutu

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Until we are ready to surrender our selfishness, we would remain a minion in the business of commercial blogging. If your vision is just to make a few thousand bucks for self and family, great! That may not however catapult you into mastery in the web world. Until you are ready to give without reservation, in the service to make others happier, I am afraid, you may not go far.

Let us always remember that it is an “Offerer's" world out here. Unless you have something to offer; you are condemned to suffer. The “Receiver" ("Eater") will always return athirst and hungry, but the “Offerer" would rejoice in the multiplication of seed sown. Millions of bloggers have turned receiving into an habit and a culture, very few are offering or giving out anything. Many-a-commercial blogger's vision starts and ends with logging into Google Adsense account to see how much he or she has earned.

Jason Calacanis is a very wise man, an authority in commercial blogging, and I know that every wise man markets his strength, it is only fools that market their weaknesses! The recent lessons taught us in the web world by MySpace, YouTube and Skype should not be lost on us. These social networking sites grew out of nothing in the last three years, beating household names and giants in the industry, only to emerge at the zenith of Web significance as the fastest growing websites, with over 100 million registered subscribers each, because they were and still and remain what I called “Offerers".

Let us take the classic case of another “Offerer", the Giant: Google. look at her Q2 results. The secrets of Google are embedded in that result and any of her annual results of the last five years. Don't be dazzled by the Billions Google is making, she gave almost a quardruple of that out! Her revenues from partner publishers’ websites like you and I is about a billion dollars for each of both 1st and 2nd Quarters results this year, 2006. You don't need a magical speculation or computation if you are a serious Adsense publisher and Adwords campaigner to know that about 80% of Google's Adsense revenue from partner websites goes to you and I.

Where does this leaves us as commercial bloggers? Do we really have something of value to offer the web world? Do we possess the required wisdom to convert our free offer into great virtue and wealth like Google's search, Google Blogger, Yahoo's mail, MSN's Hotmail, Skype's VoIP, MySpace's webspace and YouTube's video services? How many Bloogers or web publishers can deploy wisdom to generate an active membership subscription that can match, at least, 5% of these results in the next three years?

At the bottom of the Calacanis Challenge is Traffic! Web traffic is the only proven and undisputable pathway to the web throne, which the likes of MySpace, YouTube, Skype have ascended in the last three years and are today placed in the premier Top Ten League with Yahoo, MSN, Google.

Thank God for content. Yes, Content is King, but can you with your solo efforts and content contribution arrive at a traffic and subscription that equates 10% of the results I mentioned above in even, ten years? Mega results are not garnered by solo efforts, but by a mega approach through mega contributions. What goes round comes round. If you become an “Offerer" today, what you sow would be multiplied back to you from the end of your first 12 months of your quality and consistent seedling. It didn't take a decade for YouTube, Skype, MySpace, or even Google to carve out a Palace for themselves at the top.

I would, God willing, in my third serial on the Calacanis Challenge, look at the practical strategies and current results of world bloggers and Adsense publishers, in order to help us formulate a broad business model that can take us to the astonishing results of the organisations that we have examined today.


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