Are Autoresponders Essential For Email Marketing Success?


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Email Marketing is very much dependent on a reliable autoresponder service that can manage your mailing list and the messages that you send to subscribers and customers. As your list grows it becomes more and more important to have available an automatic response system that will attend to many of the tasks involved - such as adding and deleting subscribers, storing messages and distributing them according to your time schedule.

So, a key factor to consider when choosing an autoresponder service is flexibility. Good autoresponder services will allow you to customize your messages and schedule. This also helps avoid the impression that the customer is communicating with a machine instead of a real human being. Good autoresponder services can also let you provide information that is specifically targeted for a given prospect. Email from potential customers indicates interest in your product or service and this may ultimately lead to sales. Thus, a quality autoresponder service must reliably provide these duties to assist your business.

As more prospects visit your site, this can lead to a lot inquiries and requests for information, which is an excellent opportunity for you to capture their details and add them to your list so that you can follow up with useful information and build a trusting relationship with them. Thus, it is important that there is an efficient and prompt response to every email you receive. The fastest and most effective way to do this is with an autoresponder service.

Autoresponder services use a computer program that automatically returns a pre-written message to anyone who sends an email to the address you've provided. It is widely used for responding to consumer inquiries and visitor comments and suggestions. This services can also be used in responding to people who subscribe or unsubscribe to your online magazine. As well, it can be used to distribute your newsletter on a regular basis.

This ability to return a prompt response to any email is a key reason an effective autoresponder service can help boost your business. By responding rapidly and efficiently, you create a good impression on your prospects and subscribers. Good Autoresponder services help you get important information back to them immediately. Also, by communicating your message promptly it creates a sense of professionalism and efficiency that your clients will definitely appreciate.

Another important feature of an autoresponder service is that it saves time with multiple marketing tasks. Instead of personally writing and sending all correspondence, a quality autoresponder service allows you to prepare ahead and send thank you letters, newsletters, product information, brochures, orders etc. to hundreds of clients almost immediately and simultaneously. This makes autoresponder services indispensable in any email marketing campaign.

So, choosing the right autoresponder service is very important, whether it's software that you've installed on your website, like OptIn Lightning, or a 3rd party professional service, such as Aweber or 1ShoppingCart.

Whatever the service you select, it must be reliable and be available 24/7. You cannot afford to lose a customer because your autoresponder failed to answer a query or request for information. The ability to respond promptly and reliably is a key feature to look for in any professional service.

In the world of ecommerce, millions of sites are fiercely competing with each other to gain new business. For any ecommerce site to succeed, it must capture the interest and the trust of its visitors. It is not enough that your site is impeccably designed or has the latest in animation or content. There is much to be gained if you direct your efforts to not only attracting visitors but also in leading them towards making a purchase. Among the many strategies you can use to attract more buyers and boost your sales, establishing a reputation for a prompt, efficient and professional response is one of the best.

Are autoresponders essential? You be the judge.

Ivan Kelly managed a Direct Mail business with extensive mailing lists for ten years and has designed and promoted many websites. He also provides a quality free course on Email Marketing. For details go to: List Of Topics


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