7 Money-Making Strategies To Use An Autoresponder


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Autoresponders are such a great followup tool, it's almost unthinkable to go without them.
They are easy to set up, and you can have them follow up on your subscribers with an limited amount of preset messages.
Yet, many people fail to see the power on an automatic responder tool, and never really use it. This article is dedicated to all these people. So, let's take a look at some of the most innovative strategies to use an autoresponder:

1. Put a signup form on your site. This one is the most obvious, yet, many people don't do it. Just think, if your websites gets 100 visitors a day, and only %20 of them signup with your autoresponder. After one year you will have a subscriber base of 7300 people you can contact every time you want! This is a great way to keep in touch with your audience, and to increase the repetitive visitors to your site, over time.

2. Give an ebook or free report - it's very easy to give people a free report or ebook in exchange for their email. Even if you don't have a website, you can make the free ebook available if people just send a blank email to your auto responder address. This way you can build a list AND distribute a report that can make you money too (if the report has links to your products/affiliate links).

3. Publish an e-course or an ezine - you can load your autoresponder with an e-course that has several parts (3 to 7 parts will do). This way, you build rapport with your subscriber, and give them useful information they can use and benefit from. They will love you for that and will reciprocate by buying the product you recommend, later on. But only after a relationship is established, you can send them product endorsements - because now they know and trust you.

4. Use them as curriers for your message - with every email you send them ask them to pass it along to their friends. This will earn you even more subscribers over time.

5. Automated Customer care - You can use an auto responder to answer %80-%90 of customer care issues. When someone sends an email to your customer care, just answer with an automated replay, detailing most of the common issues. a great deal of your customers will find the answer they looked for in that automated email.

6. Site updates - If your site is constantly updated, you can use an auto responder to collect emails from people who wand to know when you updated your site. So just send them a broadcast email when ever site updates.

7. Give confidential details - you can use an autoresponder to provide only the interested people with price lists, terms and conditions, special terms and everything else you don't want to advertise on you site. They will have to put their email into a special auto responder that will give them that information.

Want to know more about how to use a followup autoresponders in your site? Dean Taylor has the answers for you at http://www.followup-autoresponder-101.com .


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