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What is a TV Voice Over

Brandyn Garske

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TV Voice Overs

When we watch our favorite TV shows, we hear voices all the time. Sometimes we don’t actually see the character, and this often makes a show more interesting to watch. The voice over catches our attention. The voice and style of voiceover can express a wide range of emotions.

A TV voice over can make or break the show. For example, animation is very popular, and really good voice over actors can help create characters that make the animation that much better. So, cartoon voice overs and voiceovers for all kinds of animation are also in the category of TV voice overs.

The same goes with the kids TV show voice overs. Sesame Street is a great example. Voices make these characters come alive! Who doesn’t know what the voices of Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie and Big Bird sound like? Sometimes these voice over actors simply can’t be replaced - their particular character voices are unforgettable. It’s even likely that their TV voice overs are copyrighted and patented in order to protect their work.

When it comes to TV commercial voice overs, a unique voice, even a character voice can help sell a product. Like the voice of Tony the Tiger, the Keebler Elf or even using a kid’s voice as with the Charmin Bear. A voice over done correctly, can sell millions of products, which of course is why the voice talent chosen for your TV commercial is so important.

The next time you hear a TV voice over, think about the work that person does. Everyday or every week the TV voice has to be that character. They have to separate their voice over from reality. Doing voiceovers, whether TV voiceovers , radio voiceovers or any kind of voice overs is essentially acting and can be a very interesting way to make a living.

Some voice over actors are capable of doing a wide variety characters, and simply go from one TV voice over to another without missing a beat, like the entire cast of voice talent from the Simpsons, for example. Think about all of the memorable TV voices we have grown to know and love throughout the years, it’s almost as if some characters are real!


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