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Audio Production Studio

Brandyn Garske

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What Is An Audio Production Studio?

An audio production studio creates types of audio we hear everyday. All audio books, music, movies, video games, ebooks, and anything else related to audio is produced at an audio production studio. Add the magic of computers and the human touch of artistry, it can make us laugh, cry, fall in love, be mad, and actually change lives and the world around us. That’s just how powerful audio production is.

Now, the real definition of audio production in electronic speak is the recording of sound, whether it’s talking, playing music, singing, or even recording the sound of a hurricane for example. All of these can be used in a project at an audio production studio. The production studio, depending on how many audio production workstations (often called DAWs or digital audio workstations), could just have one ongoing project or several small ones being worked on at the same time.

When we watch our favorite movies, the sounds we hear can sometimes make or break a movie. You can have the best actors in the world, but if the movie audio production isn’t done properly, the point won’t come across well. Proper mixing of sounds like explosions, dialogue, and music for example are critical to a film’s overall sound, and ultimate success. This is just one reason why an audio production studio is used. The studio could be located a block away, in another city, state, or country.

The audio production studio can create award-winning pieces that can be patented or copyrighted. This may mean the audio production studio made a break through in sound technology and now own this new invention. This shows the production studio is on the cutting edge and keeping up with the times. They work very hard on their production and this gives them credibility within their field of work.

Now, flip over to YouTube and check out your music videos. Musicians are particular about their music mix and want to make sure it has their own particular “flavor. ” They hire a producer and an audio production studio and tell them exactly what they want their song or songs to sound like. Whether the song has already been recorded or they’re starting from the ground up, the song can be mixed in a way that can change it from pop to rock or country to country-pop for example. The production studio can also record the song if it is brand new and can sometimes even produce the music video. Done well, a music video can help turn a well produced song into a top ten hit. This gives the artist a successful piece of audio production that can propel their career (and enhance their bank account) and reach more fans. It is a win-win for everyone!

The next time you hear a piece of audio production, don’t take it for granted. Think about all of the people who work in audio production studios and spend countless hours creating your favorite movie score, songs, or video games.


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