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Say It Out Loud, Importance of Audio On Your Website


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A few years ago audio online moved at the pace of snails. Most people knew they would be waiting awhile if they wanted to load any audio. Once it was finally finished the ‘wow’ factor had pretty much fizzled. In today's day and age high speed technology has thrust all internet users to a new level of the ‘WOW factor. ’ Audio has become a great marketing tool with the help of high speed internet. With audio on your website you visitors get the experience of visual and interactive mixing to create a memorable website.

Customers are more likely to remember what they hear more than what they read. In recent studies it was proven than only 20% of people remember what they read, while a whopping 70% retain what they hear. By using audio you are giving yourself three times more of a ‘stick’ factor to your visitors. The amazing thing about audio is there are no limits to what you can let your visitors listen to. You could showcase your customers positive feedback and testimonials. There is nothing quite as powerful than one potential customer listening to an actual client of yours raving about how wonderful your merchandise or services are.

Another advantage to audio on your website is that is will skyrocket your credibility. When people can hear you speak they will identify and trust you more. People are going to buy from the person they trust the most. By incorporating audio onto you site you are giving your readers the chance to identify with you and believe that you are the great person they hear speaking.

By using audio you are pointing a big bright spotlight on your site. A majority of people are able to play streaming audio, so audio is not a difficult or time consuming hassle. Your site traffic will find it a refreshing change to get the chance to listen and put a voice to all of the text they read. Bu using audio you are making your site unique and memorable.

Finally, audio is cheap, and every marketer knows that you must take advantage of every money saving resource you can find. You do not have to have a large companies budget to incorporate audio onto your site. Most programs do not even require you to know HTML or flash, so you can rest easy that you can use audio without being a techie.

Give your website a fantastic makeover and add audio to your site of text. Your readers will thank you, and so will your pocket book.

Jason Pearson is an online marketing expert who wants to share his secrets with the world. To find out more. . .

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