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Can An Infopreneur Do Audio Books?


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The short answer is “Yes, of course".

The longer answer is that creating audio books is a form of information leverage that most smart infopreneurs are constantly watching out for, plan to incorporate into their business strategy and would always consider whenever they create a new information product.

So what exactly is information leverage, and how do audio books find a place in it? More to the point, why would audio books be a part of an infopreneuring strategy at all?

Information Leverage - An Outline

Infopreneurs create information. It is valuable to other people, and so they buy it. Now the information can be consumed in multiple forms. Some information is best presented in the form of written pages, on paper or digitally. Other content is best appreciated as video or photos. And other forms of information may be best delivered as audio content.

An infopreneur, looking to get maximum value from the information created, will want to take advantage of as many channels of distribution as possible. And this means written content will be converted into spoken audio, to leverage the effort and time invested into creating it.

But Why Are Audio Books Popular?

Information leverage also depends on the preferences of consumers. Some busy people prefer to listen to their ‘books’ while on the move, either as mobile content on iPods, phones or CD players, or in their car while driving.

Often they are willing to pay a premium pricing because the audio books provide content in a form that helps them to optimize what would otherwise be ‘down time’.

The explosion of mobile devices to listen to music and audio recordings while walking, jogging or driving has caused a proportionate demand for audio books, making it an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds in the recent past.

How Can An Infopreneur Create Audio Books?

Technology for recording voice has become so sophisticated that relatively inexpensive arrangements can be made right at home, converting your personal computer into a ‘recording studio’. Not only does this make it convenient for do-it-yourself infopreneurs to create audio books at home, it also does away with expensive rental charges that one had to pay earlier to use a professional sound studio.

But not all infopreneurs do the audio book creation themselves. Instead, they prefer to outsource it to experts. The cost of such outsourced audio book creation varies widely, but has become very affordable. The quality of the finished product is often excellent, and along with the premium pricing possible with audio books being included in a product package, this becomes a sensible option for many information marketers.

Is It Mandatory to Create Audio Books?

Maybe not. But by not including audio books in your product portfolio, you are probably leaving some money on the table. With the growing use of online multimedia, including podcasts, Internet radio, and the rapid rise in popularity of online video content, it is soon going to be a competitive necessity for any infopreneur to embrace the trends and offer content in multiple media and formats.

Infopreneuring is exciting. A part of that excitement is the rapidly shifting playing field. Embrace the changes, master them, and stay in front of the pack as an infopreneur - you will reap rich rewards by doing this.

Internet infopreneur Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian has helped hundreds of business owners build online information empires. He shares powerful tips, ideas and secrets about achieving success and building massive wealth from information products on his "Internet Infopreneur Tips" blog. Register for more at InfoProfitz - - or send any email to


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