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Pay Per Play Audio Has Come To The Internet


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Pay Per Play Audio has come to the Internet. Starting in February of 2008 a major search engine will begin to provide advertiser paid audio advertisements which can be heard as you enter a web page. Each advertisement is 5 seconds in duration and only one advertisement is heard per web page. Every page can have one advertisement. The website owner is paid a commission of 25 per cent of the amount paid by the advertiser for each visitor.

Advertisements are awarded on a bid basis. Does that sound familiar? It appears that the AdWords format of Google's methods for placement of text advertising is being copied for the audio advertisements. The common feeling of parties who are familiar with this project is that the audio advertisements will be funded at the expense of network television advertising budgets. This has many implications. The first of which is what is going to happen with the amounts spent on television advertising. Will the amount spent per year remain constant or will it decline? If advertising revenue declines, how much will it decline? Will this loss of revenue for the TV Networks eventually drive them out of business? Another series of questions involve the internet. How much additional revenue will this approach provide the web owner? Will this revenue offset and any decline in text advertising? Where are the web site owners going to obtain the traffic that they need to be highly successful? We will not know the answer to some of these questions for several years. If the mean time, it will be great fun to watch and learn.

Please note that from a web site owner's point of view, this is a winning situation. The owner can apply the HTML code needed to play the advertisement to every web page in every web site that he or she owns. Because the web page owner is paid for each visitor, promoting the web site increases in importance. The more pages and the more traffic the larger are the earnings. Amounts due the web site owner are paid monthly for the previous months transactions.

This system has been tested with 65,000 advertisers and 500,000 web page bill boards presenting advertisements. The outcome of the test was to roll out the final program. The program managers need billions of web pages with the advertisements embedded in them. In order to achieve this goal, the participating web site owners receive a 5 per cent commission on every referral that they provide and from every referral that the person they recruited obtains.

Will it be as big as the text advertising market? Likely yes it will be, in time. The size of the test program indicates that there was very serious interest in developing a well working system the would be viable in extremely high volume situations. The fact that they are going live with a vary large scale entry into the market indicates that the advertisers were very pleased with the results that they obtained from the test program. The least that can be said is that it will shake things up for a while. The most that can be said is that we are at the start of a new advertising revolution. It will be very interesting to watch.

Morgan F Bryan


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