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With so many out of work, laid off or staying in dead end jobs to make the ends meet, we need creative ways of generating extra income. Here are a few simple, innovative ideas to get the cash you need quickly.

1) Your personal gold mine, can be staring you right in the face. Many of us save momentos for years for nostalgia or for that one time that we might need them. That time never seems to come though. Why not allow someone else to enjoy them as much as you have. These nick nacks may seem inconsequential or even like junk to you and may seem like buried treasure to some one else.

Go through your closets. Clear off your bookshelves. Unload those dresser drawers and create streams of income. Turn that old typewriter into a writer's dream and earn extra pocket money. Take that nineteen fifties dress out of the closet and make a retro chick happy, while filling your bank account.

With the invention of online auctions, like ebay and ubid, you can turn trash to cash. Or you can go to flea markets and offer your treasure up to vendors for half the profits. Books can be redeemed for a partial profit through sites like or even

Once you have emptied your own closets, you can scour the malls for sales and resell those items online. Or better yet find a deal on one online auction and resell it on another. The only lmitation lies within your own imagination.

2) Have a brilliant idea or hobby? Turn it into an ebook. Write it using word or wordperfect and convert it into a pdf file using adobe 5.0. Then sell it on for 80% of the profits over and over again!

3) Recently sell your home through owner financing? If you are holding a note, there are companies that will purchase it from you for upfront cash. You may have to take a bit of a discount and you will have a large portion of your cash today instead of thirty years from now.

4) Won a lawsuit and recieving payments? You can do the same thing. Companies will actually pay you a large portion of what you won for the right to your payments. It's like taking the lump sum in a lottery winning!

5) Don't have a business of your own and need extra cash? There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that would be delighted to give you a percentage of their profits, for the privalege of having you market their products. Choose programs that you have personally used, so you can attest to the quality. Also choose programs that are at least two tiered. This means that you get paid wether you make a sale or someone you referred to the program makes a sale. Just one good referal can bring you a steady stream of montly income.

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Caterina Christakos is a published author and independent investor. For more information on how to turn notes, annuities and settlements into fast cash go to: ;


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