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Can anyone make money on ebay?

In order to answer this broad question we first have to understand what it is about ebay that appeals to so many people. For a company that was only created in 1997 it has experienced some unbelievable success, and there have been few other companies that have seen such massive growth in such a short space of time.

Last year ebay enjoyed record windfall profits of $500 million, a colossal amount in anybodies book. Next year they are tipped to earn even more and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the success of this truly great dot com prodigy. With vast amounts of people joining on a daily basis, will there ever be a time that this whole concept becomes saturated? Is there a danger of this giant becoming super nova only to disappear beneath the enormity of its own success and size.

A lot of ebay’s success has to be down to its simplicity. Ebay is a common man’s tool, created in such a way so that everybody can trade rich. Poor, young or old. Ebay bridges the gap between all classes, races and religions. It has found a common denominator amongst the masses and has combined this find with the best that technology has to offer.

Our need to buy plays a major part in the modern lives of modern people. Materialism is high on everybody’s agenda and for this reason ebay is ideally placed to meet this demand. People now have more disposable income than they have ever had before, yet like a double edged sword this new found wealth is cruel compensation for the amount of disposable time that has been afforded to us in modern times. People work hard for their lifestyles and way of living. In many families both parents have to work to sustain these proficient lifestyles. Again time is a precious factor and spent wisely where ever we can.

This is where ebay becomes a precious commodity where by once you have entered the virtual realms of its existence, it then becomes a permanent fixture within your life. You can buy anything that you want on ebay with hundreds of categories and sub-categories to choose from. Why should people take the time to make a trip to their local DIY store when they can buy virtually anything they want to from the comfort of their own homes.

For me ebay will never die. For the next generation ebay will be as prominent in their lives as television is to this generation. It will continue to grow for years and years to come. It is virtually impossible for it to become saturated as by way of nature there will always be more buyers than there will be sellers. Ebay is here to stay and for those who are savvy enough to grasp this fact, ebay can and will provide a good income.

Get to know your market and create a niche

There are several key success stages to trading successfully on ebay. The first and most obvious is getting to know ebay itself. Its not enough to just open an account, place a listing and watch the profits pour in. sure they’ll probably make a sale, and they’ll probably turn a profit, but there is only so much that a person can sell before they empty their garages or attics of their disposable junk. Furthermore, there are many other people who are trading in this fashion, and this is where competition will be at its most fierce.

Today you can trade in anything old or brand new, and this is the point of difference in terms of an individuals success. Your never going to be an expert in trading antiques unless you know something about them. There’s one great way to find a product that may sell and that’s a product you know something about. A personal hobby is the ideal solution to finding these products as you already have an advantage in the fact that: a) You already spend time doing the activity. B) You know something about this activity. C) You enjoy this activity.

It’s a lot more fun and long term fulfilling if what you are selling meets the above criteria. You are more likely to keep driving at it if its something you like doing and you’ll have a better understanding of your customers wants and needs. Having a relationship with the product is half the battle won. It’s not completely necsercary but it will help a lot and it will give you a lot of satisfaction. Imagine getting paid for something that you like to do!! Wouldn’t that be something. OK, so lets imagine you have a hobby. You know what you want to sell and your ready to go. What’s the next step towards finding that elusive product, one that will sell over and over generating profit each time it sells. For some people finding this product is like finding a needle in a haystack. Where on God’s earth do you start to look for these products? Panic and confusion set in and the mind goes blank. Yet there is a very simple solution to this dilemma and the answer is sitting right under your nose.

Lets imagine that the hobby you love and adore is golf and you’ve decided to trade in golf equipment. Is it enough to simply list the driver you like best and hope that a bidding frenzy ensues. Trading in this trial and error fashion is a waste of time and money and it could very well take you months to finally find a product that sells on a consistent basis. For many people this fruitless period would spell the end to their ebay profession as they would simply give up without the right tools to point them in the right direction.

What you need to know is what product sells over and over again and what kind of price does it sell for.

Even trawling through ebay itself would take an age as any category is vast and spotting that elusive product can be difficult amongst 300 pages of the same category.

Yet ebay does have the answers to this dilemma and there are some incredible tools that are available to anybody and everybody that will enable them to spot these products with simplest of actions.

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