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Dubli Marketplace


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Looking to buy an Apple MacBook Air for $276? How about a Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin for only $40.75? The only place you’re likely to find prices this low is – where being the lowest bidder is key. eBay has been an immensely popular auctioning tool and online marketplace for years, where buyers have to pay close attention and beat other bidders out for the highest price; however, DubLi brings a new side to online auctioning by rewarding the lowest bidder as the winner. Items on DubLi don’t go up in price. In fact, the whole point of using DubLi is to bring the price as far down as possible.

Also, users do not auction off their own personal items, meaning that you never have to worry about the condition of your new merchandise.

DubLi auctions, like eBay, are set for a pre-determined period of time. Buyers can make bids in $0.25 increments, and will know as soon as they place their bid whether it is the lowest unique bid at the time. As long as the auction continues, bidders will be notified by e-mail if someone else has bid at their amount, cancelling their current status as the lowest unique bidder.

In order to hedge your bets, as a bidder you can actually bid over a range of prices during the duration of the auction, say from $1.25 to $2.50, until the last 5 minutes, where only single bids will be allowed. In order to place a bid, DubLi credits are required. You can purchase them upon registering with the site, and they cost $0.80 a piece. Each time you bid, you use a credit – but in the long run, when you’re potentially saving yourself 90% of the original sale price, a few dollars gets you a long way.

DubLi has two different auction styles to participate in: the original DubLi Unique Bid style explained above and Xpress auctioning. The Xpress style of buying is most closely related to eBay’s Buy It Now button, except the price of the item is constantly decreasing.

A pre-determined maximum sale price is listed, and in order to see the current price, you must use a credit. Each time someone uses a credit to view the current sale price, the price is actually reduced by $0.25. If the current price isn’t low enough for your tastes yet, you can wait a while until more buyers have viewed the item, and the price drops further.

Don’t wait too long, though. Anyone can decide to buy the item at any time. With Xpress auctioning, DubLi users have recently purchased a $50 iTunes Voucher for $0.25, a Neiman Marcus $500 Gift Certificate for $164.25, and an Apple iPod Shuffle, which was originally $74.99 for $5.00.

Regardless of how low some prices may be on other online marketplaces, you’re not likely to find any user on eBay willing to sell anything worth hundreds and even thousands for a just couple dollars.


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