Five Things To Do Before Leaving Negative Feedback On eBay

Mark Kenny

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Transactions on eBay don't always go perfectly. Sometimes winning bidders simply become ghost bidders and are never seen again. It all takes a lot of effort & time, having to relist items due to time wasters & reclaim back final sales fees.

You may get frustrated and want to leave negative feedback as soon as you realize your not going to be paid. However, it's best not to let your emotions rule your business.

So, what can you do before you leave negative feedback.

1) E-mail them

Firstly email them. They may simply have been away, be offline for a few days, be involved in a family emergency or may just have their eBay account preferences set so they do not get an email when they win an item. So take the initative yourself & email the other party. Also if you can try to request a receipt so can see if they open the email.

2) Call them

If you are involved in a transaction on eBay, you can easily access the other parties contact details including any phone number they have registered with eBay. Log into eBay, select the “Advance search" option & choose “Find Member Details" from the list of options.

As soon as you confirm you are involved with this member, eBay will email all the details. Just give them a quick, friendly call. If no-one answers they may be away on holiday so give it a few weeks before trying.

3) Check email addresses

Almost all of my winning bidders pay via paypal. And when you look closely at any emails you will have received you'll notice they have different email accounts registered with both paypal & ebay. Be certain to email one account & cc a copy to the other. Very often, it is simply a case of the winning bidder simply checking the wrong email account.

4) See if there bidding/selling on other items

eBays search options easily allow you to see if your winning bidder is selling goods themselves or even see if they've bid on other items in the last thirty days. This should give a good indication of if they are ignoring you or if it's just a simple case of miscommunication.

5) Finally follow eBay procedure

Finally, if all your other methods have shown no successful results all you can do is follow eBays procedure. This will eventually have the final sales fee credited back to your account. Once this happens just relist the goods & try again.

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