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Selling Wholesale Products Online

Matthew Bredel

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Those wanting to shop online have about a million options for where to buy something. Those who want to make money on the internet are faced with nearly the same number of options on how to go about setting up so they can make money online. If you're looking to sell something online, you will find that this is one of the easiest ways to make money from home; if you do it the right way.

Whether you choose to set up your own operation from home or an office or do things the dropship way can make a big difference to how much time and money you need to invest in order to make it a profitable undertaking.

Dropship vs Wholesale

Wholesalers buy products in bulk and make their profit that way. They typically have large warehouses and staff that help them process orders and manage that inventory. This can be a lucrative business on a large scale.

In the dropship world, the seller simply facilitates the deal and makes some money. There's exponentially less effort involved but still a very good financial opportunity available. This works well when you're just starting out. Who wants to take the risk of making a huge investment in an opportunity that may or may not be a success if they don't have to take that risk? Most people who want to earn money online are looking to do something part time and see if it flies before taking a big, giant leap and making big investments. Dropship opportunities give you a chance to get going for little to no money and if you do really well, you could choose to invest further with dividends.

There are many ways you can leverage the dropship relationship to sell lots of different products and services. Just about anything you see sold online can be available for you to sell as well. There are affiliate marketing opportunities with services and electronic products like software, e-books and memberships and there are dropship relationships where you can physically sell products such as through an eBay store where you don't actually inventory anything or through your own website that lists products for sale.

A Dropship Business Example

A great example is a website set up as a miniature Amazon bookstore. You don't need to get the books and shelve them in your garage; you simply list the books, dvds, etc for sale and Amazon would pay you a commission while doing the order processing for you. Dropshipping businesses can be set up on sites of their own or also integrated into an existing website in a particular section or in the sidebar.

With the increase of online shopping, the possibilities for making money online without having to invest in inventory increases. Finding the right product and a low cost business model such as with dropshipping can make the possibilities for profit quite promising.

There are many companies out there that can help you get your store up and running quickly and easily without advanced technology skills. By reading dropship directory reviews you can find out what the options are, how much they cost and find out what success levels other people are having with a particular program.

To learn more about dropshipping vs.wholesale and read dropship directory reviews , visit


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