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How to Find Drop Shipping Wholesalers Safely


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Starting an online retail business may in theory be very simple but that is far from the case. One of the hardest parts is to find a supplier of the inventory, in particular if you are looking for drop shipping wholesalers.

Do Your Research

Having an idea of what you want to sell is obviously a good starting point. Some wholesalers will cater for a specific market and if it is not the market what you wish to sell in then it is pointless using them. It is also important to research the market you are looking to sell to as you should be sure there is a buying market before you waste your time trying to sell products in it.

Once you have your general market you should really try to dig deeper into it by finding out information on things such as brand names, sizes and colours. This will allow you to find out what is selling and what isn't in your market. A great research tool for finding this information can be found at

Avoiding The Scams.

Now you know the market you are going to go into it is now time to find the wholesaler who will supply you with your goods. Many online businesses nowadays use drop shipping wholesalers for the simple reason that it means they don't have to deal with any physical stock. The problem though is that there is a lot of scam wholesalers around.

You should never use any wholesaler until your thoroughly research them. To make sure that they aren't a scam you can look at them in several ways. One of the first things you can do is to call the supplier and see if they have a courteous and professional manner about them, also see if the area code of the telephone matches the area they claim to be based in.

Another thing you should do is try to check on forums related to wholesalers and see if any members have had anything to say about the company, both positive and negative. You should never 100% rely on the forums as some companies may pay people to post on behalf of them either negative or positive comments depending on whether they are the company involved in the post or if it is about a rival, but it is still a good place to get information.

Another Option.

If this still seems like a lot of work or something that you don't feel you will be able to do you can of course use a purchased drop shipping wholesalers list which will provide you with the information you need. These list should contain hundreds of wholesalers all of which will have been tested to make sure that they are legitimate companies.

Retail selling isn't easy and it isn't for everyone but if you can put in a little extra effort when it comes to research it you will find it far easier to be a success. Many fail because they fail to do this research but if you do it and you find some good drop shipping wholesalers then you are on the right path.

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Using Wholesalers And Drop Shippers To Maximize Your eBay Profits
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