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Only the Strong Survive in the Drop Ship Industry Have You Got What it Takes in Drop Shipping?


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Drop shipping is an industry which divides people. A quick glance across a variety of wholesale, business, domain and drop ship forums shows just how divided people are. Read one message telling you that drop shipping doesn't work at all and then read another for someone who successfully runs a full-time home based business drop shipping products.

The fact is that plenty of drop ship businesses exist, and many have been around for years gradually getting stronger and stronger. To exist and grow they must have customers. In a saturated world only the strongest businesses survive, this is as true in the drop ship as in any other.

So why do only the strong survive in the drop ship industry?

The online retail industry is growing, and continues to grow at a great pace which shows no sign of slowing down for many years. A growing industry is what you want to be in, so no excuses there.

Getting a website online has never been so cheap, it literally costs a few dollars to register a domain, hosting is a couple of dollars per month and ecommerce scripts are available free, so setting up costs next to nothing, so no excuses there.

The amount of drop shippers seems to be staying at an even level, however the ones that are established are getting stronger, more products, better prices and better service. Many are free to join, so no excuses there.

So setting up a website is very cheap, getting products is free, and the industry is growing so the volume of customers is increasing.

The profit margins when drop shipping may be squeezed, but the huge financial savings of not having to stock the products mean there are no excuses. Even without a big marketing budget a small ecommerce shop can slowly build itself up.

Only the strong survive in the drop ship industry, but the same is true for all business. We all have strengths and weaknesses, you need certain strengths in any business, especially when finance is tight. If your weaknesses need to be your major strengths to run a drop ship business then step aside and run a business on a different model.

Remember only the strong survive, make sure you are one of them.

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Why Do Some Companies Drop Ship, And Why Are There Some That Don't?
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