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eBay Store Advantages Selling Digital Products


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Have you been selling e-books on eBay? Have you been selling digital media products such as CDs that have valuable content? If you have, you've probably noticed the recent eBay digital product ban. Believe it or not, many eBay sellers who have been selling digital products, actually don't set up eBay stores. Most beginning sellers do not understand the value of an eBay store and probably also do not want to take the time to do so. Setting up an eBay store takes some sort of creativity, but it allows you to display your CDs or DVDs in a way that a plain auction does not allow.

Simply put, an eBay store is just a way for you to display all of the items that you want to sell. If you sell e-books or toothbrushes, all of these items can be shown on one webpage. What this allows you to do is to establish yourself as some sort of an expert and also gives you a way to title yourself (the toothbrush guy or the e-book guy). Let's say you sell an e-book that teaches people how to exercise efficiently. By putting all of your e-books on an eBay store, you can be portrayed to others as a specialist. I'm sure that you already know that there are a plethora of other similar e-books on the web. With this store, and with some Internet marketing strategies, you can establish yourself as a true specialist who can help others interested in your specific topic achieve the same success that you have.

Can you think of some other benefits for eBay stores? Because the eBay store is still part of the website infrastructure, every time a prospect searches on the eBay search bar, there is a very good chance that the products in your eBay store will also be shown to the prospects. Don't get me wrong, however. eBay does not allow products to be shown at the top of the page along with the regular auctions. Instead, all store products, including your digital media , are displayed at the very bottom. Nonetheless, because it is still displayed, and most eBay users actually do scroll all the way down to the bottom, there is no limit as to how many clicks or visits you will get every time someone searches for your product niche.

As you can tell, the eBay store allows you to display your items in search results pages, every time a prospect searches for your niche product. So no matter what, the chances of your making a sale is increased just by having an eBay store. Of course, you should not forget about auctions as well. By combining auctions and by listing items in your eBay store, there is no doubt that you will be able to sell more than if you just sold through auctions.

So if you have only been selling digital media products on eBay by using their auction option, there is a good chance that you have lost a lot of sales. By setting up an store, which is not difficult, and does not cost a lot of money, your items will have a higher chance of making you more money.

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How To Profit From eBay Without Selling - Introducing BANS (Build a Niche Store)
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