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How To Succeed On eBay The Right Way

Margaret Dunn

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It seems as though every day I get questions from people in the post office line “why do you have so many boxes?" “I see you have eBay boxes. Do you sell on eBay?" “I've always wanted to sell on eBay but am afraid to get started. " “I would love to work from home. " Everyone of these people who ask me can learn how to succeed on eBay and learn how to do it right from the start.

I started quite by accident just buying on eBay and decided to try my hand at selling some clothing items because a friend of mine was doing the same. She specializes in kids clothing and started herself because she has four children who wear mostly designer clothes, clothes that have been purchased on eBay or in second hand stores, and which she now resells on eBay for a nice profit of around $700 per month very very part time. She is a stay at home, home schooling mom who is extremely busy with volunteer work as well. She devotes one or two nights per month, sitting beside her computer with her tea, working until wee hours of the morning taking pictures and listing her items. $700 is a decent profit for about 6 hours of work of front and a few hours here and there packaging her items that are sold. She is just one example of a stay at home mom who has found a way to succeed on eBay within her own parameters.

I followed her direction and decided to go shopping at my favorite Gymboree store. I did find some bargains, however, after my first week of taking pictures of what seemed like a million different items, and a million different angles, and then finally listing my items, I found out that I had incredible competition for Gymboree clothing and worst of all, what I thought was a bargain and on sale at Gymboree was even less expensive on eBay! To this day I still have gymboree items sitting in a bag just waiting to be relisted. I obviously needed some guidance on how to succeed on eBay at this point. I was way in the red in both time and money.

November was approaching and because I finally caught on to the buy it very low and sell it as high as the competition would let you, I started to shop more wisely. I paid $100 for a secret to finding out what sells and how much to charge for what sells. I can't believe I paid $100 for the secret but it was worth it in the end. I now give that secret away to anyone who asks. Actually, since you are kind enough to read my article, I'll tell you the secret. This is one method that will help you to find out how to succeed on eBay.

When you type an item into the eBay search bar, look down the column on the left side of the screen until you see “completed listings. " When you see the box beside “completed listings" put a check mark in it and then go up to your search bar and click on it. The results you get will show you all of the listings that have sold in green and the amount people paid for the items. That's how you can help yourself decide what niche market you might want to be in. If you like baby toys then type in baby toys, click on the “completed listings" box and do the search. That will give you a good idea of what kinds of baby toys are selling and how much they are going for.

I had a successful November and December in 2006 and decided to begin my eBay business about 6 months later. I dabbled here and there, tested, failed, and at times failed and then succeeded. I learned some of the ropes on my own by reading everything I could get my hands on. There was finally one resource that I found to be the most valuable, the one that will make me double my sales in the next year or two. That resource is available through one of the top eBay power sellers today. His information is a gold mine and if you are truly interested in succeeding on eBay, this is one resource you will not want to pass up.

So go to: to find out how you too can get the information you need to succeed on eBay starting today.

Margaret Dunn is an eBay powerseller who also investigates ways to help others succeed on eBay. Visit her blog at to find out how you too can succeed on eBay in a fairly short period of time. It isn't hard. You just need to do it!


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Selling On eBay - eBay Power Seller Stealth Secrets Revealed (Part3)
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