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eBay Bidding Tips - The One You Wont Want To Ignore

Dave Patrick

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Lets face it, eBay is not so much an online marketplace as a science. The daily trading figures on eBay worldwide must be astronomical, yet regardless of the sheer numbers and competition, the select few always get there prize. It is as if, they turn up on the battlefield, decide exactly how they want the outcome and just go for it, plucking that single coveted item from the flurry of all the other bidders, eager and frantic to get their hands on whatever it is they have all been obsessively watching over for the last week.

True success within the eBay world comes not only experience, accumulated with man hours spent buying and selling but also, having at ones disposal, a full gamut of underhand tricks and tips, some common sense, some truly deviant. The cruel fact of the matter is, if you really want to survive and make your presence known on eBay, you need as many of these legitimate and not so legitimate techniques at your disposal as you can cram up your sleeve.

There is one particular technique that works wonders. If used correctly, this technique, like the lioness, stalking her prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Will swoop in from nowhere for the kill. Beware though one moment too soon and you have blown it! Show your impulsive side and you might as well forget the “soon to be in the loving hands of someone else's" item that you have hungered for the entire week.

It has many names yet the one that seems best suited is the silent watcher. This is a true showing sign of someone's experience or rather inexperience on the eBay front. We will all at some point in our eBay careers have been the victim of a silent watcher at least once. As you begin to gain a hard edge to the tried and tested techniques of eBays finest, situations like the one about to be described will show themselves more and more, as the novice falls prey to the adept.

It is a fairly simple premise yet one that needs to be carried out till the very last minute. Patience is indispensable in such matters.

When you find an item, whether it is one that is poorly listed, maybe with an inappropriate closing time, a bad misspelling or just total lack of description in both the title and text area. Do not, REPEAT, DO NOT click on the watch this item button at the top right of the window. This will alert any other would be bidders of your presence. This will force them into a corner and you will most likely end up going head to head with them up until the last few seconds, hence loosing out on a dirt cheap bargain. If you remain anonymous, whoever else is planning on bidding on it (especially if they are a novice) will put the lowest bid on the item and sit with it, smug in the fact they have a winner in the bag. Make sure you sit on the same item, keeping that window open all week on your internet browser or maybe saving it to your favourites. When the time reaches the last few minutes, start refreshing the window down to the last ten seconds then make your crushing bid and BAM. It is yours, you have swooped in silently. Taking from them without them suspecting in the least you were ever watching.

Hence the silent watcher.
Try it, keep it up your sleeve for later bidding executions.

Knowing how the big sales are made is fundamental to keeping your head above water in the ebay world. Ebay power seller secrets were the privilege of the select few. . . . Not anymore.


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