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Drop Ship Wholesalers for Clothes


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You may have already encountered drop ship wholesalers for clothes, but you may have not been aware of it. Nowadays, drop shipping is a common and popular practice adopted by retailers and online auctioneers. As you know, retail, wholesale and online shopping businesses each have their niches. And all of them have their respective attacks and strategies to marketing.

Drop shipping is a widely adopted practice these days when retailers and online auctioneers pass on to wholesalers customer orders and shipments. Drop ship wholesalers for clothes are instrumental in retailers’ several marketing strategies. To simply put it, retailers would take bulk clothing orders from consumers, promising the clients that they have all their orders. The truth is that retailers are at the same time placing such orders to wholesalers. Instead of delivering the goods to the address and the stores of retailers, the shipments would be addressed to the customers.

You might wonder what protective measures retailers do to protect their business interest. Retailers require wholesalers to practice ‘blind shipping’ wherein the wholesalers would not include return addresses for the shipment. That way, consumers would readily assume that the shipments were directly made by the retailers.

Drop ship wholesalers for clothes are very common these days. That is because bulk and voluminous orders and transactions for clothes are constantly rising. Other than that, business-to-business purchases are so rampant because there are many sub-retailers and startups operating in the market.

For bulk clothing shoppers, the idea behind the concept and operations of drop ship wholesalers for clothes is a totally helpful and advantageous one. Retailers and online auctioneers are likewise enjoying the relief provided by such businesses. With the practice, retailers and online auctioneers cut on costs and efforts in shipments and piling and maintenance of inventories. For their part, drop ship wholesalers for clothes are also earning significantly as they take and deliver orders. As they see it, business is business and orders are always opportunities to earn revenues.

The practice is becoming widely adopted. No disadvantage has ever been identified other than at times, delays in deliveries are observed and consumers are often misled as to who is to be blamed for such inconveniences. As for risks, much are directed at retailers, and online auctioneers, who are vouching their brand and credibility into the performance of the drop ship wholesalers for clothes that they are hiring.

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Why Do Some Companies Drop Ship, And Why Are There Some That Don't?
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