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Sell More Ebooks On eBay Effortlessly!

Sally Neill

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For those of us who are reselling ebooks on eBay here are my top tips to increase your ebay ebook sales.

You will no doubt notice the some ebook sellers seem to sell ebooks on ebay more successfully than others.

This can be due to several factors, which I would like to discuss.

You may recognize some of the tips I share if you are a current subscriber to my sallys-ebooks newsletter.

Your ebay id, must be related to what you sell.

If you sell diet ebooks, it does not take a genius to work out that diet-ebooks would be a good username, and then to take it one step further you should purchase the domain name

Your ebay id says a lot about you as a seller, so show that you are a professional and an expert in your subject by making yourself look like a “real" business.

Many people are still reluctant to buy ebooks, in fact many eBayers still don't even know what an ebook is!

That's why you can see ebooks created over 3 years ago still selling today on eBay, there is always someone looking for the “golden oldies"!

By giving yourself a professional image you are gaining a potential buyers trust that your product is great quality.

Next you need to use a standard ebay auction template, again this is building your business image, a poor listing stinks of a poor product.

By using a standard ebay auction template you can ensure eBayers or potential buyers can see your terms and conditions, quickly contact you with any questions or concerns etc.

Next you must have an eBay About Me Page, if curiosity killed the cat then you can bet your bottom dollar that when an Ebayer sees a little “about me" icon beside your ebay id name, then they will take a look.

To test this theory you could easy add a free stats counter to your page and see how many views you get!

The final part I want you to take notice of is your actual ebay auction or item title, get this wrong and you will almost certainly never achieve good sales. Before I finish this article I would also mention this point. . .

On average you have between 3 to 6 seconds to grab a potential buyer's attention when they view your auction!

Doesn't give you a lot of time to does it?

That's why you should ALWAYS INCLUDE A HEADLINE in all of your auctions!

If you can grab their attention with a snappy headline, then you can ensure that they read the rest of your description.

You have done the hard part in getting traffic to your auctions, so now you have to work a little harder to keep them on the page and close that sale!

Take the time to implement the above and soon enough you will see an increase in your ebay ebook sales!


Sally has been selling ebooks on ebay and from her ebook website for 3 years. If you would like advanced reseller strategies visit


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