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Ebay - Three Strikes and You're Out


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Today someone asked me, why they should have a separate buyer and a separate seller account on ebay. There are a few reasons why you should have 2 separate accounts to buy and sell on ebay. The most important reason is to prevent you from being suspended. Ebay has a “three strikes and you are out" rule for bidding on items.

If you are a seller on ebay, you might buy and resell goods on ebay. You don't want buyers to see that you previously bought something on ebay; to place it up for auction for a higher price. All the ebayer has to do, is look at your feedback. Then they can see all the items you have purchased or sold on ebay. If they see you purchased and item for five dollars and are trying to resell it for 10 dollars; that buyer probably won't buy from you. But if you kept a separate buyer account, the ebayers will never know you bought the item on ebay to resell for a higher price.

Chances are, if you are an ebay member, you buy things on ebay. Did you know; If you bid on an item and you don't pay for it; the seller can report you. If you are reported to ebay three times for not paying for an item you won; you will be suspended indefinitely for this violation of ebay's bidder policy. It doesn't matter if the account is 5 years old and you didn't pay for the 3 items in that 5 year period. Everyone can forget to pay for items they bid on. Keep track of every item you bid on. If you win any auctions, make sure you pay for them. Give the seller a friendly email informing them when you will be making a payment. Don't leave a seller guessing if you are going to pay them. Good communication can save you from getting a negative feedback as well as saving your ebay account.

So if you had an account that you were buying and selling on and had a great feedback rating. Then you get caught for not paying for an item 3 times. Guess what? You lose your ebay account and you can't rejoin. Ebay will suspend you regardless of how good your feedback rating is. Not paying for items you bid on is a serious crime with ebay. You get punished by being suspended with no chance to join as an ebay member ever again.

Sometimes a seller won't give you a friendly reminder email. They may only send you the required reminder to pay message through ebay. A seller can only give you three reminders to pay. After that, they can inform ebay you didn't pay them and you will get a strike against your ebay account. If you get 3 reminders from a seller, there is a good chance the seller will report you if you don't pay. Make sure you receive messages from ebay in your email account. Check and see if ebay is on a blocked list in your email. If they are on your blocked list, get them off, so you can receive all messages from them. Not receiving email messages from ebay is grounds for suspension also. As you must have a valid email address.

I know many people who have been suspended from ebay because they didn't receive email messages from ebay. Then when the seller tried to send them a reminder to pay, the person never got the email. Then the persons account was suspended. They had no idea that the reminders were coming in. When they explained their case to ebay, it didn't matter. Their account was still suspended.

Don't break any of ebay's rules that can get you suspended.

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