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The Best Products to Sell on eBay for Big Cash - Make More on eBay Right Now


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So, you want to make a living on eBay. You want to make a lot of money on eBay.

The biggest choice you are going to have to make in running your business is exactly what type of items to sell. Many eBay sellers will get themselves into trouble by looking at what the Powersellers are selling, and trying to emulate them.

Big mistake, unless you have tons of time or a pile of cash to get going. And. . .

You will have to compete against them, without having any of their status or feedback rating. To really succeed on eBay, you will do better to have a unique product in a niche. That's the secret if you're just starting!

Unique and “non branded" products are not easy to source, but one thing you can try is sourcing them from eBay sites in other countries. (Read that last sentence again. It's a big hint!)

You may find someone who isn't selling on your country's site, and you may be able to do a deal with them. Don't send money to a foreign country until you have the product delivered, though.

Many of the long established dealers on eBay deal in antiques and collectibles, which are in short supply by their very nature. Provided you avoid the cheap stuff that can be found anywhere, antiques and collectibles can provide a good living.

As always, the problem is sourcing the stock to sell. Offline sources can be particularly helpful here, as people selling their antiques and collectibles offline cannot reach anywhere near as many people as with eBay, and therefore the prices can often be lower. Focus!

Another form of product that makes big money for many sellers on eBay is one that costs nothing to produce, the digital ebook or digital report. Although there are many sellers of junk ebooks selling them for pennies, there are other people selling genuine ebooks for reasonable money.

Providing your niche research is good enough, you should be able to find some hot topics, for which well written, well researched ebooks and reports are going to be in good demand. Here, you *can* look at the Powersellers for research, because you will never be selling the exact same product that anyone else is selling.

In short, digital products give you the most freedom, and the most potential, of any products you can sell on eBay. If we were just starting, that is what we would do!

Are you really interested in making money. . .

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