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Writing Ebooks To Sell On Ebay

Sheryl Polomka

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Ebooks/Information Products are in high demand on Ebay. There are sellers who make a good income just selling information products. Out of all the online business opportunities available, having your own ebook is one of the most profitable. You can earn thousands of dollars by selling your own ebook.

How do I create an ebook? I’m sure that’s a question many of you will ask. So let’s go through the steps to creating your own ebook.

Choose your topic. What are you good at? What do you know a lot about? What are your skills, what is your job? What do you spend time doing? What are your hobbies? You can right an ebook on almost anything. Here are some suggestions:

Yoga Camping Making Money Online
Gardening Golf Dog Breeding
Cycling Gambling Music

That is just a small example of some topics. It is always better and easier to write about something you really know about. Whether it is a hobby or employment experience, you can always find more information on the internet to include in your content.

Do some research by searching for keywords relating to your chosen topic on Google and seeing how many results come up. This will give you an idea if it is a topic a lot of people search for. Obviously the more results that come up, the more popular the topic is.

Popularity is good and bad however, as the more popular a topic is, the more information products will already be available for that topic. Don’t let that turn you off though, it is just a bit of competition. Ultimately, it would be great if you can find a topic that is quite popular but doesn’t yet have a lot of information products being sold about it.

Your ebook can be as long as you like. Write it in simple language that people are going to understand well. Always check your spelling and grammar before publishing your ebook. You can write your ebook using word and then convert it to PDF. PDF format is the most common format used for ebooks and is very easy to use. You can find a free PDF Converter by doing a Google search for one.

Once you have converted into PDF format, the final thing you need is an ebook cover. Ebooks are so much more professional looking if you have a cover. You can also search Google for ebook cover software or you could outsource and have one created for you.

Don’t set the price of your ebook too high – or too low. Do a bit of research to see what they are selling for. Selling ebooks is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet; if you can get into the right niche you can make thousands.

Listing Your Ebooks

  • When creating your listing for selling your ebook it helps to get ideas from other ebook listings. Find 2 or 3 listings that you think are among the best and print them out.

  • Use the best bits from each. Cut bits out, chop and change them. Change the wordings. Play around with it until you have a listing you are happy with.

  • Remember to include – preferably in bullet points – the main benefits of your ebook, what your customer will be buying, what they will learn from your book. These are your selling points so make them sound enticing.

  • It is better for your sales page to have a light background. Dark backgrounds can be hard to read and hard on the eyes. A lighter background looks much more professional.

  • It helps if you have some ebooks on the same topic that you have resell rights to that you can offer as a bonus.

  • When listing ebooks you can easily list worldwide since delivery is digital. You do this by selecting ‘ship worldwide’ in the shipping options. However along with this I also advise to go to the other countries ebay site and list the item there.

    The reason for this is that for example I listed an item in au (Australia Ebay) and select worldwide. If I go into (US Ebay) I will see my item but it will be there with AU currency. Although US customers can still purchase it, quite often people will overlook items if they show up with another countries currency. So I list the item in au but I also go to and list the item again, then it shows up in US with US currency. I also go to (UK Ebay) and list the item there so it shows up with UK currency.

    Sales do increase by doing this. It might seem like a lot of work but once you set it up its quite easy. You use the same ebay user id for all ebay sites too. If you have turbo lister it is very easy, in the top right hand corner when you are setting up an item, there is a box where you select which country you want it to be posted to.

    Sheryl Polomka is a full time internet marketer and the creator of Stay Home Mum website. Visit her site to find out more about Ebay and internet marketing.

    Click Here To Visit Stay Home Mum!

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