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Before we start, I want to ask you one simple question. If you knew what you know today about how big blogging would be before it started, would you have started a blog? Well, in that case, you better pay close attention to podcasting!

Pretty much everyone and anyone who knows the slightest bit about Podcasting thinks about the Apple I-Pod and how I-Pod users are using Apple's I-Tunes software to download their favorite songs over the internet.

But what if I told you that you don't even need an I-Pod to podcast? As a matter of fact, to have your own podcast show, an I-Pod is absolutely unnecessary!

The name “podcasting" is a combination of the name for Apple’s portable mp3 player, the “I-Pod, " and the word “broadcasting. ” Using mp3 audio to broadcast a message was formerly known as “audio-blogging. " It only became known as podcasting after a million I-Pod users subscribed to Apple's I-Tunes directory within two days of when I-Tunes launched.

So for those of you who don't know, here's the scoop: Podcasting is a way to listen or view the files you want, when you want. Special podcasting software now also allows you to be automatically updated when a specific podcast you subscribe to has been updated.

How it works. . .

It works by first having someone first make a podcast, which is basically a file sitting on the internet waiting to be downloaded. The next step is for the user to subscribe to that Podcast by using readily available “podcatching" software. The software will periodically check for updates and download any new files.

"So I’m an affiliate, I want to make money from podcasting, but I don’t have an I-Pod. How can podcasting helping me?"

Podcasting has been around in one form or another since the year 1991. Before it became known as Podcasting, it was known as audio blogs. In other words, many affiliates may have already been using this technique, just without the title of a “podcast. "

How you can start implementing podcasting?

It is not very different from having a newsletter or an Ezine (something we talk about a lot). But from now on, you can start adding audio files to the newsletter and instantly you have an active podcast.

1. Record your message

2. Convert into MP3 file

3. Create an RSS feed of your podcast

4. Upload MP3 to your website

5. Listeners can now subscribe to be notified when you make updates using pod-catch software

The only part here where it gets a bit technical is the process of creating an RSS feed of your podcast. However, even that step will only take a few minutes to learn completely.

Using podcasting, you can immediately differentiate yourself as an affiliate and begin building a unique list of loyal subscribers! Congratulations, you are just a few steps away from having your own radio show!

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