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When I started my internet marketing career, I knew that in order to succeed online I had to duplicate what my mentors were doing.

I had read several popular ebooks at that time, written by marketing gurus, and each of them explained how to research niche markets in order to find out what products to create or sell.

But right in front of me, staring me in the face were ebooks that I had bought. So I thought to myself, if this guru wrote this ebook and sold a copy to me, then obviously the best thing for me to do is to create an ebook to sell!

Boy was I wrong, and I'm glad I never wrote that ebook to start my career. Do you know how many $20 ebooks you would have to sell in order to make your first $10,000? 500 sales! That's right, you have to make 500 sales just to clear $10k.

Now don't get me wrong, ebooks have many important purposes including lead generation and viral marketing, but when you are just starting out and need cash flow, you might be better off saving the $20 ebook project until you've built up your following.

And now for the secret you don't often hear about from the gurus!

You need to sell high-ticket items!

Let's say instead of the $20 ebook you decide to sell a product that gives you a $1000 commission. How many sales do you have to make to reach your $10k goal? Just 10!

And remember, as long as you have a great offer, it isn't much harder to sell a big-ticket items than it is to sell a lower-priced item.

Now think of one more important point. Think of all the time you would need to spend supporting 500 customers vs. 10 customers. I don't know about you, but I would rather focus my energy on just 10 customers each willing to pay me $1000 each!

Have you ever wondered why the gurus put on so many seminars? They like to go for the big kill! Many seminars charge upwards of $2,000, $5,000 or more. When you do the math, it isn't hard to see that $50,000 is pretty easy to make when you are selling $5,000 products.

So, if you racking your brain trying to figure out what products to promote next, follow these 3 simple guidelines in order to narrow it down:

1. Focus on 1 or 2 products to promote at first so you don't get overwhelmed.

2. Make sure the products are ones you believe in. Don't let great sales copy from mediocre product talk you into joining the affiliate program. You may be putting a lot of effort into something that might only pay miniscule commissions!

3. Look for hot-selling items that carry a high price tag. Getting just a few sales of these big-ticket items can make you thousands!

Author Kent Thompson can help you find some big-ticket products to promote. Find out how you can make $1000 or $3200 per sale without hardly lifting a finger! Check out


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