Affiliate Marketing: Tools that Are Essential to Your Success!

Dave Cooper

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To be honest, the three tools we're going to talk about aren't exclusive to affiliate marketing. Each and every successful online marketer not only knows the value and power provided by these tools, they wouldn't even consider operating without them.

So what ARE these powerful and essential tools?

- professional autoresponder system
- professional ad tracking capability
- professional web hosting

You'll notice that I deliberately associated the word professional with each of these three tools. That's because I want you to always remember this “rule"… regardless of what tool or system you choose, make certain it generates a professional image.

Just so you completely understand, choosing an autoresponder or web host that places ads on every message you send or every web page you create will automatically place you (and whatever business you conduct) in the NON-professional category.

So now that we've cleared that up, let's talk about the tools themselves.

Professional Autoresponder System

The Necessity:

No matter how well you promote a certain product, service, or program, there will always be those individuals who don't purchase right away. That's why you need to have the ability to follow-up with them, to send ongoing promotional messages that will ultimately result in a sale.

The Solution:

A professional autoresponder system will allow you to create one or more messages that will automatically email according to your specifications. For example, whenever someone signs up for your mailing list, they'll immediately receive a pre-written “welcome" message.

Needless to say, this type of ongoing follow-up procedure is invaluable to an affiliate, especially when it comes to encouraging a hesitant or “resistant" prospect to ultimately make a purchase.

Professional Ad Tracking

The Necessity:

One thing about being an affiliate … you're constantly promoting and advertising your offers. The most important aspect of what type of endeavor is determining which ads or promotional campaigns are working and which ones aren't.

The Solution:

In order to maximize your advertising efforts, you need certain data with regard to viewer traffic. The most important feedback would be knowing how many sales (if any) each ad campaign is generating.

A professional and comprehensive ad tracking system will not only give you that precise data, it will allow you to separate and organize information regarding each of your campaigns. Having analyzed the data, you can then determine what promotion or advertising tasks need to be performed.

Another important consideration is the ad-tracking program itself. The more advanced it is, the more specific the information you'll receive. Of course, the more specific the information, the more powerful (and financially rewarding) each of your ad campaigns will be.

Professional Web Hosting

The Necessity:

In order to succeed as an affiliate, it's absolutely imperative that you beat out countless competitors who are also promoting that particular product, service, or program. The most effective means of doing that is to “pre-sell" your offer.

The Solution:

Rather than send viewer traffic to the product owner's sales page, you need to “channel" them through your own website. That gives you two distinct advantages:

1. You can include a personal product recommendation, create your own “killer" sales copy, include your own extra bonus offer, and so forth.

2. You can capture names and email addresses for your own mailing list, which in turn gives you the ability to initiate that all-important autoresponder follow-up system.

If you merely advertise your affiliate link and nothing more, you're definitely missing out on an extremely effective method of promotion. My Advice? If you don't already have your own professional ad-free website, create one as soon as possible.

Regardless of what products, services, or programs you promote, utilizing these three powerful and essential tools will allow you to conduct your affiliate marketing business on a highly effective level.

Even more importantly … utilizing them will guarantee your ability to increase your affiliate sales, and that is definitely essential.

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3 Essential Tools For The Super Affiliate Marketer
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