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Writing Articles – How to Write Articles for Article Marketing

Carrie Westengate

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In any article marketing campaign, writing articles is your bread and butter. It is not difficult to do, but at first it can be time consuming. Once you have the basics down, many marketers write between 2-10 articles per day. This article will give tips on how to write your articles so you get the best possible results.

Writing articles is not difficult, but there are some rules that you want to follow to get the most out of them.

There are five main points you want to remember when you prepare your articles.

  1. Have a great, eye-catching title.
  2. Keyword and keyword density is important.
  3. People want real information and help – they do not want to be sold on a product.
  4. People tend to scan, not read.
  5. The bio area is the most important aspect of the article.

These five points make groundwork for how your article should look.

The article title

If you want people to read your article, you need to catch their attention. If you are highly keyword optimized, this may be just including the exact words they are looking for into the title. You want to be bold and make a statement or get their attention with a relevant question.

Make sure you use your chosen keywords throughout the article

When someone is looking for a topic online and types it into Google, Google tries to find the best and most relevant results. Your goal is to make sure that Google knows that you are highly relevant to the subject being searched. This means putting your keyword in all the main places Google looks and also including it throughout the article. You want your keyword in the title, the first sentence of the article summary, the first sentence of the first paragraph, in the bio box and sprinkled throughout the article. EzineArticles allows up to 2% keyword density in your articles. There are programs that allow you to enter your complete article into and it will tell you what your article density is.

Give relevant and helpful information

Most people online are looking for information and many of them want it for free. If they find your article, it is very important that you answer the questions that they are looking for. Make sure that your title delivers on its promise. You don’t want to be long winded; you want to show them that you care about the subject and genuinely want to pass on valuable information. It is not until you get to your resource box at the end of the article that you want to mention to them that you know a product would help them or they can find more answers somewhere else.

Do not be long-winded

People are in the habit of scanning, not reading. If you have a long article, you may lose many people just because they don’t want to read the whole thing. You also have to be an exceptionally good writer to keep their attention that long. If they get bored and never read your call to action in the bio box, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to tell them about the product you are selling.

People like quick notes and bullet points. Use these liberally.

Take advantage of the bio box

For most article directories, the bio box is where you are allowed to put the links to your landing page. This is where you put your call to action, telling your readers what you want them to do. EzineArticles allows two links in the bio box and these should be used to your advantage. When people finally get to your bio box you should have encouraged them to click on the links that you provide.

You want to entice the readers to click on your links by asking a pertinent question or offering something free. Tell them what you want them to do and do not be timid.


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