Google Launches AdSense Referrals Program!


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Yep, Google finally did it, they’re now paying to refer new AdSense publishers. But that’s great news for webmasters – now you can make $100/referral for one of the best advertising programs on the β€˜net!

I’ll Bite, What Is It?

AdSense Referrals has been added to your AdSense account, and it lets you add additional revenue while giving your users a great tool to monetize their websites. But AdSense Referrals isn’t only for referring people to AdSense, (so don’t worry if your visitors aren’t webmasters) it also allows you to make money for every new Windows Firefox with Google Toolbar user who downloads through your referral link.

Firefox With Google Toolbar?

Firefox is a free Internet browser. It includes pop-up blocking, privacy and security features, as well as tabbed browsing – which allows you to open up new sites and pages inside the same browser window. And with the Google toolbar integrated with Firefox, you also get the added features of spell check, auto-fill, and easy Google searches.

At this point, only publishers in the US can earn by referring people to download Firefox with Google Toolbar. Google is hoping to allow international users to do the same soon.

How Much Can I Make?

While Google can’t guarantee you’ll make anything, you can earn $100 for each new AdSense user and up to $1 for each new Firefox with Google Toolbar user. (The payout depends on their geographical location) There is a catch for the AdSense signup bonus, though; you have to wait to get your $100 until the referred user reaches their first $100 payout.

So, if in one month, you make $42 in AdSense earnings, refer up 15 new Firefox/Google Toolbar users, refer 5 new AdSense users, but only 2 of your AdSense referrals reach their $100 mark, you’ll be paid $257 that month. (Assuming all of your Firefox referrals live in the highest paid areas)

Can I track these referrals?

Tracking for AdSense Referrals is available on your Reports - Overview page, just like tracking for regular AdSense ads. AdSense tracks your clicks, signups, conversions, and signups right there for you. But unlike AdSense for Content or Search, you aren’t paid by click, you are paid per conversion.

How do I add these links to my sites?

Log in to your account and click on the “Referrals” tab at the top of the page. Click the radio button beside the ad you want to use, then copy the HTML code to the left of that button. Paste it into your page, then upload and you’re all set! You’re only allowed having one ad on your website for each product, however, so place your ads carefully.

Anything else?

One more thing, make sure you adhere to Google’s AdSense TOS, or your account can be frozen and your referrals and AdSense income can be taken away. You can find the program policies here: - Read them, obey them, and start making money!

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