Affiliates, Whose Keywords Are They Anyway?


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Attracting users to your affiliate site is supposed to be easy – just be certain your headlines and content are full of the right keywords and key phrases, and that your content and links are focused and of high quality. If only it were that simple! Take a hard look at how you describe your site focus – if you use the term golf clinic and they use the term golf lessons or golf vacation, your best customers won’t make it to you. You’ll be so far down the ranking list that they will have found your competitors who speak their language, without ever learning you exist.

Just as you do in offline marketing, identify the ways your customers describe your products and services. And beware that they may not be exactly the same for the people who visit you online vs. offline. How? Take variations of your key words and key phrases and do a Google search. See how other sites describe what they do. Poll your site visitors, go to conferences and see how people you meet refer to products, services and your niche in general. Visitors’ terms rule.

Make sure you use the right the keywords on each page to accurately describe the content of the page. You want a visitor to land on the page for their specific interest, such as rag wool socks. Understand that it’s important to know the difference between the keywords people use when they’re browsing or information gathering, and the ones they use when they’re buying. They will use the key phrase “space heaters” when researching, but “silver quartz heater” or “Brand x heater” when they’ve done their research and are ready to buy. Optimizing the correct words or phrases on each individual page will go a long way to turning researchers to buyers – on your site.

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Why Many Affiliates Fail
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