Affiliate Marketing: 6 Great Reasons To Build Your Internet Profile

Ron Passfield

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Successful affiliate marketers share an almost uncanny capacity to differentiate themselves from the great mass of anonymous internet marketers. They do this by developing unique programs, eye-catching lead capture pages, innovative products or creative marketing strategies.

One of the key strategies that these “gurus" have in common is that they consciously build their Internet profile. They do this because it has a direct bearing on their capacity to earn affiliate income and indirectly supports and reinforces their other differentiating strategies.

Here are six great reasons why you should build your own Internet profile as an affiliate marketer:

1. Buyers will gradually develop a positive image of you

You can create some form of “virtual" rapport through the development of your Internet profile. This means that potential customers become positively disposed towards you because they have seen you associated with something they value and/or admire. Of course, the reverse is also true if you have been associated with “scams" or illegal programs or you fail to deliver as promised.

2. Potential customers will buy from people they trust

When you think about it, you are more likely to buy from someone you know and trust than from someone you do not know. The presence of trust tends to be even more important the larger the purchase involved. When you make very small purchases you are not concerned about the identity of the seller. However, if you are committing to a large payment or ongoing monthly payments, your perception of the integrity and credibility of the seller will affect your buying decision.

3. Buyers are interested in the quality of the service that goes with the product

Increasingly today, there is a blurring of the boundaries between product and service. Customers are concerned not only with the value for money of the product, but also with the quality of the service and support provided. If, for example, you have built up your reputation as a visible, energetic sponsor, you will attract more affiliates because you are seen to add value to the product.

4. You can develop a relationship with your customers through the profile you create

People come to trust you when you develop a relationship with them. Affiliate marketing is very much about building a relationship with your affiliates and potential buyers. If potential customers know about you and have experienced your generosity or consideration in action, they will feel they already have a relationship with you.

5. Your credibility grows as you develop your profile

As you develop your profile as a knowledgeable and helpful affiliate marketer, your credibility grows – which means you are seen as “believable". Potential customers will value your advice and recommendations and will be willing to purchase affiliate products and services from you.

6. You can demonstrate integrity – a real source of competitive advantage in internet marketing

Much of the writing about effective leadership these days highlights visibility and personal integrity as key success factors. The same is true with internet marketing and affiliate marketing. If people have never heard about you, they know nothing about your integrity – your capacity to be a positive influence is diminished. If you can demonstrate your integrity through your visible actions on the Internet, you will create a positive profile that will lead to success. Dishonest dealing or “doing anything for a buck" can impact negatively on people’s perception of you and their willingness to purchase from you.

Your Internet profile can create customer awareness, build buyer trust and establish credibility. You can demonstrate integrity through your visible actions and the affiliate programs you choose to promote. Your Internet profile is a way to establish “virtual" relationships.

This article is written by Ron Passfield, PhD, affiliate marketing coach, who is developing his affiliate business through the step-by-step coaching provided by the Affiliate Classroom:

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