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Hasn’t your big breakthrough shown up yet? Haven’t seen the opportunity or business you are looking for? Now it’s time to create your own full business and break trough in the online marketing world. I know that it’s very hard to believe, but I’m going to prove you why this works!

The affiliate model

This business model has always been, and will always be a win-win situation for the merchant and it’s affiliate. Basically the merchant gives the opportunity to earn some commissions, which can be up to 70% of the products’ price. And the affiliate in return, provides new sales and leads to the merchant.

That is also the reason why this business model is so powerful. The secret behind it is that you have to give in order to receive. And what business does this better then the affiliate business? It is a win-win situation that does not compete with others, but follows the exact laws of the universe.

But wait, it gets ever better!

The Advantage Of The Web For Affiliates

In the past, affiliate models were only for offline business. But with the coming of the online affiliation there has been numerous more advantages for the affiliate. In a minute of two I’ll name some of the biggest plusses which people from hundred years ago didn’t have.

One of the best things to online affiliation is that you can automate almost everything. From the linking trough to your merchants, receiving payments, to automated sending of follow up messages via email. The affiliate business has really become the lazy man’s dream. All hands off now, if you play it well enough, you can truly become rich while you’re sleeping!

Another advantage is that you have access to a lot of information. In the past you could refer someone to a store and there the relationship between you and the customer ended. But now you can capture all his contact information and send him more recommendations and follow up messages. This could be another way to success, by referring your clients to merchants that are very good, they will come back to you for more advice. And that is were you begin to grow a real business.

And the third advantage I want to tell you about is the fact that you can brand yourself or your company. You can gain word of mouth advertising about you, and not the merchants you are referring to. Because once you have made a good recommendation, they will come back to you because of the great information YOU gave to them.

The Way To Jump Start Your Affiliate Business

If you think about what I just told you, there is one thing that this whole business is running one. It’s one engine that runs your whole business, so throw in enough fuel. That ‘fuel’ is actually a fun part of the business, in my opinion.

I’m talking about networking and contact. By networking you can get in touch with a lot of people, which all have their needs and wants. And they also have questions about those desires and needs, and there’s where you come in. Prove yourself worthy to them by over-delivering them with great pieces of information. Then and only then, they will become loyal to you.

By contact I meant personally contacting people you know that are in need of your information. By introducing yourself and immediately throwing in valuable information, you can kickstart the process of building a relationship with that person. And when you established a good relationship, they buy from you or the merchants you refer them to.

Dave Origano is an Internet Marketing professional with an unique personality. Dave has created a fool-proof marketing system with his own twist. You can read more about Dave, his products, his articles and subscribe to his free newsletter by visiting .


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