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Your affiliate business is just that-a business. It is NOT a “get-rich-quick" scheme, nor is it guaranteed to make you money overnight, or even in your first several months. In fact, it is not guaranteed that you will make money AT ALL.

In my view, this fact weighs on many of your minds. Knowing that there is a possibility you won't make money, even though you are paying money every month, leads to a scattershot approach. You begin with your affiliate business’ training materials, but don't see any sales or progress. So you move on to do your own thing. Then, an “amazing" new product or program comes out, and you add that to your stable of offerings, thinking that is the answer.

The problem is, now you belong to 5 other programs outside of your original ones, and you are STILL not making money! The solution is to MAINTAIN FOCUS. Pick one advertising method and focus on it. Do that exclusively. Only when you are seeing some success from that should you move on to another method. For example, if you pick PPC advertising, focus only on that. Buy one or two ebooks to help you learn. When you are seeing signups or sales, whatever your goal is, then pick another medium.

For me, I progressed from article writing to lead-buying. I wrote articles that I posted around the internet and at my blogs, and met my goal both of sales and sign-ups. Then, I moved on to lead-buying. I now FOCUS only on article writing and email marketing to my list. To help me with this, I do use one resource. And that's it!

So start small, STAY FOCUSED, and progress slowly. This is a business, after all, and businesses need to grow. But you'll see results faster, in my opinion, if you FOCUS.

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How To Make Money With Clickbank--Advice To 'Newbies' - FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS
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