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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing 5 Steps to Prosperity


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OK so by now you may be thinking this all sounds great or skeptical whether or not Affiliate Marketing actually works and that is great as you should be skeptical. I will be the first to tell you the Internet is full of websites out to just make a quick buck without giving you anything of real value. I have been a victim of getting burned many times by worthless products so please do your research.

My goal here is to educate you by sharing with you skills I have learned and use myself. You may be asking why in the world I would do that. As discussed in one of my other post, Internet Marketing is a people business. You will get much greater results if you help others rather then just out to make a quick buck.

Don't get me wrong, of course I want you to visit my links as I am an Internet Marketer right. . . but I also want to give back to others as a way of giving thanks for the fortune I have been experiencing with Affiliate Marketing. I owe everything to Kyle and Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) and everyone on the WA forum.

I will to be perfectly clear with you. . . YOU can make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing. People all over the world have replaced their full time corporate jobs using Affiliate Marketing and make six figure incomes. There is no reason why you cannot do the same. If you are willing to learn and apply the skills you learn, making money online becomes a reality and no longer a dream.

There is a common misconception with beginners in Internet Marketing. They believe they can just work one to two hours a week and make thousands. . . . WRONG!

Affiliate Marketing requires commitment from you and MUST be treated like a full-time job. As the old saying goes “You get what you put in". I am not saying that you can't make money from a couple hours of work. . . this does happen. I have made sales working just 30 minutes but it has taken me weeks to get to that point for a particular product.

The beauty of Internet Marketing is that your efforts compound like no other business. If you only have time to spend an hour a day then over a month you could have accomplished a lot and be generating a nice pay check. The point is you must be willing to work hard at your business and treat it like a real business. If not then don't waste your time and energy.

OK enough you get it right? On to the good stuff “How to Get Started In Affiliate Marketing". I have outlined a five step plan that will get you started and you should begin to make sales. In each step I will go into detail the role of each and the question I always had “How".

1. Find a Hungry Market - Majority of people starting out think too broad when thinking about niche markets. This limits your research capabilities and usually does not produce the results you are looking for. In order to find a hungry niche market you need to drill down into a broad market. Let's take “weight loss" as our example. Obviously the search term “weight loss" is not a niche market as it is too broad and way to competitive to market in. Let's drill down from the broad keyword “weight loss" and find a niche.

Weight Loss (Board Market)

Diets, Exercise, Diet Pills

Diet plans, Diet programs, Diet foods, Diet Pills

Diet plan reviews, Diet plans that work, Diet plan to lose weight

Diet plans to lose weight for summer (niche)

Looking at this example you can see how we started with a broad market and were able to drill down multiple levels until we found a niche market. “Diet plans to lose weight for summer" is a smaller targeted niche.

A very important part of Internet Marketing is developing the ability to conduct good research. If you develop the skills necessary to find niche markets you will make a lot of money online.

It is a waste of time and energy to pick a product you think will be a hot selling item and begin to market randomly without knowing who your market is. Not only will you become frustrated and potentially quite due to no sales but could end up costing you money!

2. Give The Market a Product/Service They Want & Need - Now that you have found a hungry niche market give them what they want. Search for products online that will feed what your niche market crave. Once you have found a product or service see if they offer an affiliate program.

Find three or four different affiliate programs and compare them. Choose the one that offers the best product, sales page and most of all best commission plan.

3. Locate Hot Converting Keywords for Product - By completing steps 1 & 2 you have located a hungry market, have found a product or service that will feed your market. Now you will need to find hot keyword phrases that your market will use when searching online to find your product.

For example. . . let's say your market was young women searching for ways to reduce wedding expenses. You have found an affiliate product that shows how to have a beautiful wedding for half the cost. This is a product that will appeal to your market. Giving this you will want to use keyword phrases that this market is likely to use when searching online such as:

How to reduce wedding cost
Having a wedding on a budget
Ways to cut wedding expenses
Wedding planning guides

4. Feed The Hungry Market - OK so now you have steps 1 thru 3 complete it is time to feed your market. There are multiple ways to get your product to your market but for this lesson I will touch on three (Articles, Blogs, Forums).

Articles - Articles are a fast and no cost method to start promoting your affiliate product by writing articles and submitting them to article directories such as,, articlesbase, etc. Not only does it not cost you anything but is very effective.

Blogs - Google loves blogs and they are free to create. People are always searching for fresh news and creating a blog allows you to build your own website about your affiliate products. If you use proper keyword phrases you can get your blog postings on Google's first page. . . this can drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to your affiliate site. Here are two of my favorite sites to create free blogs.

Forums - Internet forums are an excellent place to silently promote your affiliate product. What I mean by silently is you do not actually post about your product. Posting or promoting your product is a sure way to turn off people or worst get banned from the forum.

Instead you want to create a one to two line ad to be used as part of your signature. This way when you post to the forum your ad with your link will be part of the post for everyone to view.

The trick to get traffic from forums is to not sell to people but provide genuine help to their question or topic. If you give valuable information people will begin to trust your opinion which will cause them to want to know more about you and BINGO. . . they are now clicking on your link in your signature.

Do not underestimate forum marketing. . . it can be very powerful if like I said you provide value in your postings.

5. Repeat Steps 1 - 4

Are you ready to stop dreaming of making a full time income online and start living your dream? Checkout Wealthy Affiliate Here and watch two videos about Wealthy Affiliate University and discover your doorway to your dreams.


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