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Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

John Angelache

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Which of these affiliate marketing mistakes do you make?

Before we dive into the mistakes, here's an interesting story. . .

Once upon a time, I wanted to become a bodybuilder. Without knowing much, I signed up for a year's membership at Gold's Gym. Located in Washington Township, New Jersey.

My first day at the gym was a shocker. All these hulking dudes were lifting super heavy weights. I could barely do a handful of push ups.

I got to talking with one guy. A Greek kid one year my elder. He could bench press over 300 pounds at a bodyweight of 165 pounds. What he told me was this: Most beginning bodybuilders simply don't know what they are doing. They lift too heavy too soon. Drive their bodies into the ground. Then lose all enthusiasm for working out. Because they quickly over train and stifle muscle growth.

When I got started in Internet marketing I first found out what mistakes to avoid. My reasoning was simple. Steer clear of the pitfalls most people fall into. I just might start succeeding at making money online as an affiliate.

Here then are the five mistakes most beginning affiliate marketers make. . .

Mistake #1: Not choosing a big enough niche.
Sure niche marketing is all the rage. But if the market you choose is too small forget about it. The best way to choose a market is to see if commercial lists exist. Go to the library. Page through the Standard Rate And Data Service. If a category exists for a market in that book it's a good bet the market is deep and wide.

Mistake #2: Not building a responsive list.
By all accounts, super affiliates build big lists. Because affiliate marketing is a numbers game. The bigger your list the better. Size counts for only so much, though. The other ingredient is having a responsive list. Focus on getting people to join your list. Then keep in touch with them by sending out valuable info.

Mistake #3: Not pitching enough.
For some reason, a lot of Internet marketers feel you should give away the barn. Not so. Yes, emailing valuable information to your list is important. The real juicy stuff ought to be sold. After all, if you don't send out enough sales messages you'll be out of business. One pitch a week is a good number to work with.

Mistake #4: Not selling high-priced products.
The fact is it takes just as much time and effort to sell a high priced product as a low priced one. In terms of return on investment, it makes sense to sell more high priced stuff. You'll make more money.

Mistake #5: Not collecting snail mail addresses.
This one is a biggie. Did you know direct mail is about ten times more responsive than email? A smart way to use direct mail is to send out postcards driving people to a lead capture page online. Then sending out emails about an affiliate product.

Anyway, those are five mistakes to avoid as an affiliate marketer.

Take them to heart and you'll make more money as an affiliate.

John Anghelache has released a free audio that reveals the secrets of affiliate marketing. And how to make a passive income on the Internet as an affiliate. To get your free copy of this audio go to. . .


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