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Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

Zack Lee

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People will tell you to put money into Google AdWords because it's a good place to start. So by listening to that advice, you do it and you noticed how hard and frustrating it is. Every minute you refreshing your AdWord page to see how much clicks you received. You're confused with all those acronyms you'd never seen before. Also the worst part, seeing that you're not being clicked anymore because your keyword either needed to be bid higher or you need to optimize your keyword. After all of that, you go check your Clickbank or where you hold your accounts to see if you made any profit and you have made nothing. People new to the internet business would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a sale and you are not any different. I know how you feel, whoever you are. I personally have been there myself, and I'm glad you are reading this because I'm here to help. Here are my personal easy steps for you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

1. Find a product: I use Clickbank, but if you have other ones like that then i suggest you find a product that people will buy. A best way to know which products are good is by looking up “Gravity. " Gravity means that the product is selling, but there is going to loads of competition. The better the product that sells, the more people will advertise. With that said, you want to use a product that doesn't have too much gravity but not less either. Once you found something to promote its time for our next step.

2. Test the water: Before you start going all out and start investing to promote the new product, you should relax. Always research the product your selling and read some reviews on it. Once you have a basic idea of what your product is, it is time to test how good your product is. I personally use Craigslist to see if people would be interested in the product. Craigslist is mainly a classified website that people flock to for items. There is also a business section which you could post. However, be careful in how you write your post or you will get banned. Best way to not get banned is to leave your email address or your business phone if you have it.

3. Landing Page: Making a website help you build traffic, especially if you want to promote your product. If you were getting sales of classified ads/website you are ready to step up and get into websites. Now when you are making a landing page don't make it long like some advertising websites. Simple and catchy is something that you should do.

4. AdWords : Now I know we are back to Google advertising; however, to quickly receive traffic fastest, Google is the ticket. You can also use Yahoo or Miva as well; however, Adwords seems to be most popular. Set your budget low i recommend using 50 dollars daily. Remember to also make your ads catchy and relevant to what you are selling. Use the Google keyword tool to help you optimize your keywords better. Learn to organize your campaigns by the keywords people will search you on.

I'm glad you took a liking into my article. Thank you. If you're interested in learning other ways and more secrets in making money, please check my Squidoo website. Click Here Now !


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Affiliate Marketing For Newbies - Gain the Basic Knowledge
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