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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Publishers Make the Most of the Money

Arman Logan

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Many affiliate marketers, who are making good money online, don't take the next step to online success, which is becoming a publisher. They think either it's too complicated or too expensive to create a product, because you have to write an ebook, create a landing page and then look for affiliates. Well, in fact, it's not that hard, and if you develop a decent product and find good affiliates, you can just sit back and relax, while they will be making money for you.

Of course, being an affiliate is much less responsibility. No product, no website, no need to help affiliates, etc, but if you think a bit, then you will realize that actually affiliates are doing much more work rather than publishers. They have to write reviews for products, create email lists, write articles, create landing pages, etc. Basically, advertise everywhere where possible, while the publisher has just set up a website with a product, prepared some tools for affiliates and he's waiting for his money to come.

If you look at the most successful marketers, such as Ewen Chia, Eric Rockfeller, Chris McNeeney, they all are publishers. They have lots of products, which increases the number of affiliates and their income. Of course, they be affiliates of other products as well, but I am sure that their main income is from sales of their own products.

Just think about what you need to create a product. There isn't actually a lot, it just takes some time, before you prepare everything and put all together.


1. A website with only 2 pages - sales page and thank you page
2. Ebook
3. Affiliate Tools

And that's it. It might take you long to create all that, but when you create a quality product with affiliate tools, all you need to do is to find affiliates on forums, blogs, other websites. It's not a problem.

Few months ago, I was like you, thinking that being an affiliate is good enough. However, after I have read Eric Rockfeller's The Last Affiliate Secret, I realized that publishers earn much more money with less work. If you are still working hard promoting other people's products, check out The Last Affiliate Secret and open your eyes to real online success. Click here to learn more about it


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