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Affiliate Marketing Referral - The Real Story

Garen Arnold

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Have you begun your affiliate marketing journey? I remember the first time I discovered affiliate marketing I had trouble sleeping I was so excited. You are probably having questions on where you should sign up to start selling your affiliate products. With over 10,000 and growing companies out there that all selling affiliate products the question of where to go commonly comes up.

I am not here to tell you there are ones that are better than other ones. You simply have to know how to execute them if you want to make money as an affiliate. Don't be fooled by sites claiming to have the best affiliate success ratio and highest sales that convert.

These Affiliate Companies Are Generally The Same

Well maybe they are not all the same they do sell a wide variety of different products. You simply need to know how to execute them the most efficient way. Some sell only digital products, and others sell physical products that can be delivered to your house in a matter of days.

There is not an affiliate site that is better than the other. That's like comparing football and baseball. They are total different sports that all have different rules to them. So you probably came here wondering what affiliate marketing referral site should I got to? That's not what I am going to tell you here.

Don't Worry About The Affiliate Site Until The End

You probably think this is some kind of joke don't you. It is not though. You see that's the problem people will commonly look through products at a popular affiliate link and then decide to do their marketing campaigns over that product. What I would suggest to you seems weird but believe me it actually works.

You need to find out what people are looking for in your niche. Don't even worry about what the product is at this point, it is irrelevant. That's where a lot of people go wrong with affiliate marketing. They are just looking for a product to make a quick buck and then find out that they can't sell it. They foolishly just keep going through products and failing time after time and then eventually just give up.

So go to some popular forums and read. Read on what people have problems about. Find a question that is being asked time and time again. You have to put yourself in the consumers position. This is how you sell more products than the next Joe Smo. This is the most important part to any affiliate marketing campaign. Now you have found a problem!

Now You Can Look For An Affiliate Site

Ok for example, people want to know how to lose belly fat. You have looked on the forums and everything and people are dying to know how to lose that belly fat. What you do is go to a popular search engine and type in “lose fat affiliate". You can then browse all the companies that are selling products for dog training. Now you can begin your marketing campaigns.

Now You Want To Be An Affiliate Guru Don't You?

How did I learn this? It all started with Wealthy Affiliate This is an affiliate company that was started by two millionaires that figured out the keys to affiliate marketing. Is all this over your head? That's fine take part in their 8 week course and learns everything you have ever wanted to know about affiliate marketing.

Garen Arnold (Affiliate Marketing Specialist)


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The Power of Referral Marketing
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