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5 Reasons Why People Don't Buy From Your Affiliate Websites

Shawn Lim

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I know that you want to make money online, frankly, who don't want to? Well, in order to make serious money with affiliate marketing, you will have to need your own website. Only by having your own website, you will have greater control over your online business.

I mean, think about it, if you don't have a website today, all you do as an affiliate is just to promote that affiliate links of yours. If you have your own affiliate website, then it will be different. For example, you can insert an opt-in box to capture visitor's emails. However, even with a website, many affiliates still fail to make money in affiliate marketing, why is this so?

If you have a website to promote an affiliate product today, then your website may consist one of these mistakes below. These common mistakes of your website are the reasons people don't want to buy from you.

#1 No Headline

Most of the websites out there, over 80% of them, do not have any clear headline. Remember this, the first thing people arrive at your website is not looking at your graphics, they are looking at your headline. Your headline serves as an ad your website. It must have the power to stop any of the passing visitors and attract them to read your first sentence of your ad copy. If your headline fails to do this, then nobody else will read the content of your website that follows.

#2 No Benefits

This is going to be a copywriting principle. You should know that people buy something because they are driven by one thing, emotional. Take Mercedes for example, people buy it because it makes them feel good having it, it symbols power and money. Having a Mercedes is telling everyone that you are capable of it, you are a successful guy. Logic will come in second. Emotion is the first thing that will drive people to buy something.

Meaning to say that you will have to sell the benefits of your affiliate products not features. If your product is a tax course and it comes with easy fill-in-the-blanks form, which is a feature. The benefit to that would be that it saves time. Can you see now? Your affiliate website must consist of both features and benefits.

#3 No Testimonials

Another big mistake, no testimonials. Everyone wants to know the results what other customers of yours have after purchasing your products. Show them proof by giving testimonials in your affiliate websites. Did you know that people are skeptical? If you tell someone that you have made $10,000 online, they will ask for proves before they trust you. The more testimonials you have, the better, especially if your testimonials are from someone who is well-established in your market.

#4 No Guarantee

Buying anything is risky, especially buying something online. You have to show your customers that you are firm with your affiliate products; offer them a full-money refund guarantee if possible. Yes, sometimes you will get burn. Some people will just buy your affiliate products, and make a copy of it, then ask for refund. But don't worry about this, because the increase sales you get from guarantee is much more enough to cover it.

#5 No Personality

Most webmaster will try to act like they are from some ‘well-established’ large corporation, and they like to use the word ‘we’ more often than ‘me’ and ‘you’ in their websites. If you want to build personality, your website should be functioned as a letter that you write to a friend. Be friendly, be approachable. Your website copy is not coming from your company, it is from you. You stand behind your guarantee and your promises, so always tell your visitors who you are. This is what makes people trust you, honesty and integrity.

Above are the 5 most common mistakes that most affiliates will do in their websites. So if you want to triple your affiliate incomes, then you will have to start from your website. Stick with these 5 powerful tips, and your online business will soar.

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