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How Exactly Does the Berry Tree Work?

Dave Earley

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The Berry Tree is basically an investment in your future. Members pay into the program, the Berry Tree does marketing and advertising, and all members benefit from company sign ups, and the Bonus Pools. The Berry Tree was designed so that no one is at a disadvantage, when it comes to earning an online income.

Most programs require that you sponsor members to have any chance at earning an income. The Berry Tree is quite different. The Berry Tree seems to be a lone program, until you recognize that the program is teamed up with Nutronix, Automatic Builder, and Horizons Marketing, which are all successful companies. Together, they help to make the Berry Tree program successful as well.

I really don't have to sign up any members?

Technically no one has to sponsor new members into the program, that is what makes the Berry Tree unique. However, those who do sponsor members, will earn a much better income, and in a much faster way.

You see, the Berry Tree guarantees to pay all full members a monthly income, only after they have received ten Berry Member Credits. The only way to obtain these credits is by remaining loyal to the program for two months. So, every two months members receive one Berry Member Credit for being a full member. For members who sign up no one, it would take all of twenty months before they are eligible to earn from the Berry Tree Bonus Pools (Bronze Pool first).

However, members who sponsor others into the program will get to the Bonus Pools much faster. If I sponsor five members into the Berry Tree, and remain a full member for ten months, I would qualify for the Bronze Bonus Pool. The next pool I would need to qualify for would be the Silver Bonus Pool, and then the Gold Bonus Pool would come after that. You can view figures on the Bonus Pools inside the Berry Tree Lounge.

To encourage sponsorship, the Berry Tree will combine sign ups, with the Berry Member Credits received, which will enable members to earn from the Bonus Pools much faster.

Sponsorship will not only get members closer to the Bonus Pools where they will earn on every full member of the Berry Tree, but they will also earn substantial, residual income from the members brought into the Berry Tree.

While it is not necessary to sponsor others into the Berry Tree program, it will definitely give members a larger income, in less time.

Another thing that makes the Berry Tree unique is the patented compensation plan. They wanted to make sure they were offering something unique, and that they would be the only ones who could do such a thing.

If you viewed the compensation plan, I'm sure you noticed that not only do members earn residual income on their own sign ups, but also those their members sponsor, and those their members sponsor! Did you get that?

Basically there are three levels, or branches as the Berry Tree likes to say. Income is earned on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd branch. If a whole tree is filled, the monthly income would be an incredible $1336.00 per month!

Is it possible to earn that much?

Yes! The Berry Tree is bringing in about 100 members per day right now, and if you contribute to that kind of production, it would be very possible to fill a whole tree.

The Berry Tree also has its own product called o^2 Berry (Proformance Hydration). This is a bag of 30 one gram bags of coral minerals. What you do is put one of the smaller bags into a glass of water, or some other non carbonated beverage, wait five minutes, and when you drink it, your drink tastes like berries. The minerals are supposed to raise pH levels, raise oxygen levels, and increase athletic performance.

Right now, if members sign up for the free trial, and become a full member within seven days after that, they will be given a free Berry Member Credit. You do remember the value of one of those, dont’ you? That's like getting two months for free!

All of these things make the Berry Tree an investment in your future.

The question remains: Will you invest in it?

How Does The Berry Tree Work? Copyright © 2008 Dave Earley

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