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7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

George Franklin

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1. Thinking that just because someone sees an affiliate's links that they will visit the site. It is understood that an affiliates job is only to be part of the pre-selling of the connection, pre-selling is more involved than only having the link on there web page or message. It is also suppose to encourage others to visit the affiliate's site. This encouragement can be provided by giving favorable recommendations about the site or the products offered or by providing some other kind of information which will entice readers to want to check out the other site.

2. Believing that people will naturally just visit your site. This principal is often referred to as organic traffic and it is just a myth. You can not expect people to find a web site just by having it in one location. In order to get people to visit a web site, you have to help them find it. You can do this by developing an effective marketing campaign and also skillful uses of SEO to increase rankings on web searches.

3. Assuming that you only need one marketing strategy to be successful. There are some people that believe that with only a few changes to their strategy, they will experience an increase in traffic. This is not the case and could be a fatal mistake to your company. You must have a flexible and varied strategy that can tap into different segments of your targeted market. You need to reach all aspects of your target audience and thus should try a variety of approaches to be successful.

4. Not reviewing and modify your marketing strategy. Most affiliates worry more about the bottom line and whether they are making a profit or not. They do not look at the overall campaign and try to figure out what aspects are working and which ones are not. You need to study all aspects of your strategy to make sure each is performing as expected. Are you getting the visitors you need? Is the product as good as you thought? Are you getting return visitors? The use of visitor tracking software can provide you information about what your visitors are doing and provide you possible ways to improve their experiences and your chance to make a sale.

5. Believing that all products are actually sellable. You need to find affiliate programs that actually have something worth selling. Some programs offer a 90% commission on sales, but if you can not sell any, there is no profit to be earned.

6. Believing all affiliate programs will work. An affiliate program with a good reputation with its customer target group will have a higher chance for success than one with a questionable reputation. It is easier to pre-sell the affiliate's program if the products are dependable and well receive in the market place.

7. Not staying informed of the newest trends and improvements in your industry. In whatever field you are involved, improvements happens all the time and those that keep informed are the one's that are successful. If you do not stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques or news, you will find yourself left behind.

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Want To Succeed in Affiliate Marketing? Avoid These Critical Mistakes
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