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How To Find Products That Sells Like Crazy - 5 Ways To Find Products To Sell For Affiliate Marketers


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The most important part of your affiliate marketing is to find hot products to sell and it should also be the most time consuming part. You need to do a lot of research, spend a lot of time on it because choosing witch products to sell is the key to make money as an affiliate. I would suggest that you spend days, if not weeks on choosing witch products to sell because without a nice product with a high demand and low competition, the rest of your work (writing content, article marketing etc) is basically a waste of time.

1. Start of looking trough the areas where you're already the man.

You can find hot products to sell in your hobbies and interests, in your work to if you have any special expertise from that area. It does not matter what it is. You might think that few share your hobbies or that there are no products for that niche, almost everything is available to sell online and if you haven't found anything of that niche on the major affiliate programs like commission junction, clickbank etc, you can always try typing name of the niche “affiliate program" in google and find out if there is any independent affiliate programs. What you want to find is products with very low competition but still find data of monthly searches. The rarer the niche the better your odds will be.

2. Get ideas from your environment.

There are objects almost every ware and you can sell most of it. Keep that in mind and you will notice that you com up with new ideas all day long. What is the name of your watch and its model? What is the name your TV design? Do you own a sauna? What sort of kitchen knifes do you have? I had a J. A. Henckels kitchen knife set, the Google keyword tool had data of it and the long tail keyword “Henckels five star set" was absolutely perfect no competition but still search volume.

3. Get ideas from eBay.

Choosing witch products to sell by getting inspiration from eBay is a nice way that a lot of affiliates don't think about. When someone put up an add on eBay, the ad/product attracts buyers and they place bids on it. You can brows trough interesting categories and search for products with lots of bids. You can find products this way that are very rare but have a high demand. The number of bids on an abject on eBay is also a good indicator of how low competition your up against, if you find hot products to sell you could be the number one in Google rapidly, and you can get the bunch of bidders who gets turned down.

4. Do some keyword research.

Use keyword tools to find hot products to sell, go trough all the niches you can think of and see what turns up. After you find something interesting try to squeeze the competition down by adding on words to it or click the link and find related results to that keyword. Long tail keyword phrases are easier to rank for. seobook, Google KeywordTool and Wordtracker are the most commonly used keyword tools.

5. Get ideas from your potential buyers

Find out what's most popular at the moment by looking at search trends, you can find great products to sell by getting inspiration from Yahoo Buzz it would be very wise if you keep your eyes open for new hot products, and products on the way, if your one of the first to promote a product you can make a lot of money before the rest of the affiliates finds out about it and wants to join.

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It is Easy to Find the Popular Products on eBay Hot Items to Sell
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