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Affiliate Marketing - An Incredible Way To Make Money On The Internet

David Nettles

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Here is what the business model looks like. A business provides a product it could be anything from Teddy Bears to Software E-books to Rockets. Now sales people enter into an agreement with the business to find customers for their products. When they do they get a commission from the sale. This marketing plan is known as affiliate marketing in its simplest form. The internet is a great resource to setup this business model for successful business.

In its simplest form my Wife made a small e-book full of Key Lime recipes with some great copy to go along with some really great recipes. And set her web site up to allow affiliate merchants to sell the e-book for a commission. The first thing that happen was a person with a cake baking forum signed up for the affiliate program. Then he offered it to his mailing list and one weekend my wife has orders for thousands of dollars worth of a 19 dollar cookbook.

I know it sounds too easy but it can really be just that simple. There are thousands of other programs available to you or you can set up your own program just like my Wife did.

Here is a very easy way for you to begin and have your own affiliate business up and running in less ten 10 minutes from right now. Pick any subject say working out with jump ropes; write a 300 to 500 word story about your step by step guide. Then get yourself a free Squidoo Lens and post the story on your new Lens with your picture and a little about me information. Then you simply select the option to be an affiliate for Amazon and the Lens will allow you to place 5 items for sale on your page. And congratulations you have just become an affiliate marketer and it will take you less than 10 minutes. If you are very slow maybe 15 minutes but what does it matter you are now in your own home business and all it cost was 15 minutes.

Most people believe you need to some kind of web master super expert html expert to do these kinds of things on the internet. The tools and resources available to the average person that just barely knows how to turn a computer on are incredible. The idea is to just get started doing something first and once you get your feet wet move up to something a little bigger. You could be the next internet millionaire selling use drum parts on E-bay. You will not know until your try.

Now you can have a very simple work from home business that will help you finally fire the boss and start living the fulfilling lift you were meant to. Just think there are no limits to the kinds of incomes you can generate on the internet. You can have one program or thousands all running 24/7 to generate internet income for you and your family.

For more Pros and Cons visit: Make Money Internet Affiliate

David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business part-time. He is also the publisher of


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