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Affiliate marketing and ”make money online” methods has become very popular the last years. With one billion internet surfers only a quick Google search away from your ad it has never been easier to make an extra income from your own bedroom or home office.

Still many people struggle to make some income from their internet activities. With all the new and promising methods that are pushed towards the inexperienced internet marketers every day it is easy to get lost and many are trying 20 different methods simultaneously without seeing any result from any of them.

If you are one of the thousands of people that are trying to make an extra income online you are probably receiving 5 or 10 emails each day. These are from experienced marketers and eBook authors that are trying to sell you the newest and hottest internet marketing method that promises you easy access to millions in a couple of days.

If you are serious about making money online I suggest you go back to the roots. Back to when it all started. In 2003 we were introduced to the Google Cash Method. Chris Carpenter who was just like you has stumbled upon a method to make money online. He wrote an eBook about it. He called it “Google Cash” and the rest is history.

The basics of the Google Cash method are pretty simple. You find a product you think will sell. You find an affiliate programme for that product and promote it using Google AdWords. With Google AdWords you ads are placed in the Google search engine when people are searching to buy what you want to sell. When someone clicks on that ad you pay a short amount of money for that visitor and hope that he buys the product to cover your costs.

Even though the basics of the Google Cash method are easy to understand it is a bit hard to find profitable campaigns. A lot of people are using the method and the different markets are saturated. Your quest becomes to search for markets that are not saturated.

You need to search for keywords that are cheap to get clicks from and results in a high conversion rate. Building experience and knowledge about this is a full time job and costs years of practice and thousands in ad costs. With the insides from Google Cash you can shorten this time 10-fold.

When you start using Google Cash, or you are already using it and want to increase you earnings I would suggest you step outside of the high competitive markets like internet marketing, gambling, web hosting, pills, nudity, insurance, cancer etc. and focus more on products you use offline every day. Look at what you mother just bought from the internet and advertise that. What is your 16 year old brother biggest attraction at the moment? What cards or action figures is he spending all his savings on? Try to sell that!

Victor Lorentzo is a internet marketer who makes a full time living from affiliate marketing.

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