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What is debatable though is the validity of the over used dynamic phrase “make $1,000s a day without a product and without a website“. That may have been the case yesterday but today the market and the search engines are much more demanding. Look on your affiliate programs as your Internet apprenticeship.

Here are 5 suggested steps to increase your affiliate earnings.

1. Select your programs carefully. If you are promoting products, try to find ones that pay 2nd tier commission. This will help you to earn on the 2nd tier from people who join as affiliates first, and then buy the product.

2. There is a distinct advantage in having your own website. Compare the following URLs - www some company .com/bin?php = ooooo=p14 . Now look at this one: www.your site.com. Which one would you be most likely to buy from? Hopefully you chose the latter because it looks more professional and more trustworthy. Another advantage is that you can advertise all of your programs on one site rather than run a string of different ads. The money saved there would most likely cover the cost of a Domain Name and Hosting Package. Your own website also gives you more control by allowing you to give a short description of your products, and your unsightly affiliate links can be modified to look something like - Click Here For More Info.

3. Another consideration is that the search engines frown on sites that just have links and no content. You can get all the material you need from Free Content directories. Budding authors will be only too happy for you to display their articles as this is arguably the best method of free advertising. The author will have his or her link somewhere in the article, so visitors to your site may visit their site. Now, a word of caution. Do not over commit yourself by trying to do everything that the search engines dictate as it could be quite costly. Common sense prevails. Try to make money first and then re-invest some to optimize your site.

4. Article submission is something you should consider when you feel confident enough. Even just writing about your own internet experience. Anything from 300 -1000 words is widely acceptable. You do not have to write a novel. I guarantee if you can write the first one your head will be buzzing with ideas and many more articles will follow. Can you imagine the traffic you could generate? If you wrote 10 and submitted them to 10 directories, that is 100 sources for download. At a consevative estimate if they were each downloaded 10 times, then that is a possible 1000 websites your articles would appear on. Multiply that with the number of visitors to each site and the possibilities are endless.

5. If you follow step 4 then you have the added bonus that these sites are linking back to you. These backlinks are important for search engine rankings. The more sites linking back to you the better. There is some excellent software around that will enable you to automatically request link exchanges with other sites. The small initial investment for such software should easily pay for itself many times over.

OK. Back to earth now and back to your apprenticeship. You will not learn everything in one week. You will never ever know everything, but you can move forward at a pace that your time and budget will allow. Go for steady progress in a logical manner and be open minded enough to shift with market trends and search engine ranking methods. The motto is - Easy Does It - but do it!

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