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Making a myspace profile for your band, company or organisation will gain you useful and effective free advertisement. The aim is to build up direct contact with your target group. A community where your fans or costumers will hang out, ask you questions, talk to you and be easy to reach.

To start off, you need to create a profile on myspace. Make sure that you register with the display name of your authority and leave the First Name and Last Name fields alone. Registering with an email that you don't own will save your email accounts from a lot of irritating emails that myspace sends out every hour each day.

When you have registered, it's time to chose an url address for your account. The url will be url name). If your url is already taken by somebody else, you can contact that person by going to his account add him/her as a friend and then email him about an account exchange. Tell the person that you need the account more than him/her and alternatively suggest that you can exchange it for some money. If you don't succeed with the contact, you can register the authority name plus one, two or three extra chars such as kentucky_, kentucky2 or kentucky_68. Make sure that the keyword stays in the name, because it's good for SEO.

After making the url name, you may pimp up your profile. Start with getting a good layout that you can use for backgrounds. You can find such on the myspace backgrounds site. You also need to add a description that should at least cover one page. Add images, music, glitter, videos to it, so it gets interesting to read. Since it's on myspace, you should better write simple, so the average myspace user can understand. Write about what the organisation do, links to cool stuff and such. When you are happy with it, it's time to move to the next step.

Add friends and lots of them, but concentrate on your target group. If the profile is for promoting a clothes design company, you can make a query to google like this: site:profile. design clothes pattern

Make sure you don't add too much friends per day or your account will be banned. The limit of today is currently 500 friends a day but it may as well change in the future. So be on your watch.

Adding friends is great, now you will slowly get a reachable community. From it, you can promote your organisation/band or company buy sending out bulletins. Just make sure you don't send too much, because then you will get a bad reputation. One bulletin each day is enough for most of us. Make every bulletin unique and as interesting as possible.

Other then sending out bulletins, you can also respond to your visitors comments, sending out happy birthday comments and starting myspace groups. The possibilities are endless.

Brett Hull is an myspace advertising expert.


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