10 High-Octane Ways to Shift Your Conversion Rate into High Gear!


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Would you like to rev-up your conversion rate and get sales going from “zero in sixty" in no time flat?

Would you like to increase your profits exponentially - 100%, 200%…even as much as 1,700%… - by doing nothing more than changing a few words on your website?

Have you been hunting for a big return with a minimum investment of time…and no investment of money?

Well put down your magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes, you've solved the case. The ten steps below are for you. Use them to re-tool your current sales message into a sales magnet, and then brace yourself - because a tidal wave of income will be headed your way!

#1 - All The News That's Fit To Print
Consumers love to be on the “cutting edge" of information. Make sure your headline shouts, “This is NEWS. "

#2 - Don't Be Coy
Start your web copy with an attention-grabbing headline that says, “Here's what's in it for you. "

#3 - Get Connected
Strive to make a connection with your prospect from the start. People buy from those they know, like and trust.

#4 - Stir Up Emotion
Feed your prospect juicy bits of helpful information that will get their hearts pumping with excitement. Make them feel how good it will be to have your product or use your service.

#5 - Be Overwhelming
A sales letter is no time to be modest. Overwhelm your prospects with benefits and helpful advantages. The more benefits you offer, the higher your response.

#6 - One-on-One
Your message isn't being displayed to an audience of a thousand people; it's being read by just one pair of eyes. So write as though you're talking to a person, not to a group. Use “you” and “I’ throughout the copy and try to avoid “we” and “our”.

#7 - Personality is Always in Style
Inject style and personality into your sales letter. It’s this kind of personal touch that gives your pitch originality and distinction, and underscores the “this is just for your" quality of your message.

#8 - Lean Cuisine
Put your copy on a diet. “Trim the fat" by eliminating excess words. Be direct. Be hard-hitting. And above all: be clear

#9 - Be A Verbal Van Gogh
Use your words to create vivid pictures. Help your prospect visualize reaping the rewards themselves which will also allow them to feel it emotionally.

#10 - Break It Up!
Break up your messages into short paragraphs and small segments. Make sure you layout offers plenty of white space. The more you can break up your text into short sentences and paragraphs, the easier it is for prospects to read.

You can turn your Edsel of a sales letter into a high-performance model with just a few minor adjustments and no expensive “‘parts" to buy. Then shift into high gear and let your competitors eat your dust!

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Dan Lok is the World’s First Quick-Turn Marketer, with a proven track record for creating the “Lok-ed and Loaded" sales messages that have generated over $17.3 million in purchases of merchandise and services. This rebel copywriter has created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letter for over 39 different industries…and now he can do the same for you. Discover how Dan can transform your wimpy copy into a kick-butt, cash generator at: http://www.quickturnmarketing.com/help_me_out.html


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