Why Are You Not Making Money On The Internet?


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Why are you not making money on the Internet? For many of you, the answer is simple - you have not gotten started!

One of the questions I received via email this week posed this question: I keep thinking that I'm ready to launch my website, but then I find out that there's more to learn. Should I wait until I learn it all before I start my website?

No. No. No. For several reasons . . .

First, If you have your own small home business idea to make money online, or want to have your own online business, you want to get yourself set up quickly. If you want to have your “Business Store Front" up on the web now, think “Now, " not “Detail, detail, detail, detail, etc. " There will be plenty of time for details later.

The reason I say this is most of you are thinking detail, detail, detail, instead of yelling “Go" and charging forward. Most of you already know enough and will learn along the way the other things you need to know. Think about getting out of your shell and not being intimidated, expand your horizons and have the confidence in yourself you deserve to have.

Second, learning should be an endless process. We're never going to learn everything. We're especially never going to learn everything about the Internet because it's growing and changing too rapidly.

Third, as much as you can try to learn things before you start a business, most of your learning will only occur through the process of starting and running the business.

As children, we can observe adults walking and talking. But, that's not the same as us doing those things. Even when we know what to do, walking and talking are skills that must be practiced as well as learned. The same learning process applies to business.

Fourth, you simply have to get started moving forward. You have to get in the game.

Some of you may have seen the statistic that proves “99% of the time you don't swing the bat at the baseball, you don't hit it!" What's the other 1%? Well . . . sometimes, the ball does hit the bat, but that's not going to get you a hit.

Fifth, you have to start making mistakes. They're important. You're going to make them anyway so don't worry about it. But, you have make them to get them out of the way. How important are mistakes?

Thomas Edison stated that each failure to produce the desired result (i. e. , the light bulb) simply moved him one more step closer to finding the solution.

Tom Watson (founder of IBM) was asked by an employee how the employee could prosper in the company. Tom's short reply was “Make your mistakes faster!"

Sixth, but still important, you also want to have momentum and keep your enthusiasm as you get your own home business off the planning board and up on the Internet. Getting to caught up in a lot of little details in the very beginning can really bog you down, sap your energy, and start to really crush your spirit and enthusiasm.

Remember also that your primary goal is to make money from home on the Internet. You're goal is not to learn everything there is to know, you want to be profitable baby, ‘cause that what it's all about!

Use your intelligence of course, and learn all you can. But remember your goal, so budget your time to make money, don't spend all your time learning. And keep in mind that most people get way too caught up in the details. You'll get the details later on as you go. Just yell “Go. "

Lastly, wouldn't you rather make some money on the way AND get charged up seeing your home business idea become a reality?

So, stop waiting. Start swinging at the ball. You'll miss sometimes. But, sooner or later, you'll hit one out of the park!

Yours in success,

Shawn M. Casey

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