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In part I of this article series, I uncovered a fatal flaw that many new networkers have in their business building mindset. It is the thought of trying to sell your products or opportunity to people, instead of helping and teaching them about your products and opportunity, the opportunity of time and financial freedom.

This article looks at the concept of teaching people about how they can improve their time and financial freedom, through your business opportunity. Hopefully your company has tools in place that will inform your potential prospects about your product line, the business, and the benefits that your company can provide for them in terms of financial and time freedom. These tools can include things like:

Conference Calls

Pre-recorded Calls

Internet Presentations

Fax on Demand

Online Meetings

All of these tools are designed to inform your prospects and teach them about how your company can help them, either with your products, or your opportunity.

Most people when they first get involved with their business, SAY TOO MUCH TO PROSPECTS!

“Oh Sue, I just started a new business, It’s great, all you have to do is qualify 2 legs to build your downline, PV is 100, you can make $5,000 per month, the products are great!”

Blah, blah, blah……

Most people are not knowledgeable enough, at least not right away, to explain their company in an efficient manner, SO LET YOUR TOOLS DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

Hey Sue,

I started working with an Internet based company a few hours a week, it’s really neat. I thought that it may be something that you would like to see. Go to my web site at: http://www.bodyextreme2005.

I’ll call you on Friday to see what you think of my site, ok. Take care Sue.

No hype, no hurrah, just the facts. Let your online or telephone presentation do the selling and persuading, that is what those tools are designed to do. Your job is to refer potential prospects to your tools and then follow up in a simple manner. This process is simple, can be duplicated by others, and provides and environment where ANYONE can succeed.

Do you need someone to mentor you in business success? Corey Bachmeier has developed a successful system to help motivated individuals who are interested in building a successful home based business. For an introduction to his company check out his web site at: , or he can be contacted by phone at 612-325-7773.


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