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 The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth - It is time to tell you the truth about making money on the Internet.

First of all when you see the words “Join Free" the program is free to join but that does not mean that you will make money. Lets be realistic, If every one joins free where is the money coming from to pay you ?

You must expect to pay a monthly payment or purchase a product from the company. If every one that joined realised this the programs would all be successful and you would make money.

The people who decide it is worth the risk of spending a few dollars a month to start a business are the only ones who stand a chance of making money.

I say a chance, because unless the people they attract realise the potential and are willing to do the same , then their business will fail miserably.

If on the other hand you can convince them that it is a great business and worth risking a few dollars, then it is plain sailing.

If you advertise your business on a website tell your visitors the truth from the beginning, explain that it is free to join so they can check out the information BUT they will have to upgrade if they want to earn money from the program.

You may find the numbers that join will drop, but those that do join will be more likely to upgrade when they have studied the information.

Never promise that they will earn thousands in a couple of months unless you know it is a possibility. Tell them the truth, If it has taken you six months to reach a reasonable level then be honest tell them.

No one expects to earn thousands of dollars after only a couple of months, most people will be content if they are covering their subscription as long as their business is growing.

If facts and figures were explained truthfully businesses would flourish and people really would be able to earn a good living on the internet because they would have more trust in what they are reading.

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