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The only purpose of the following lines is to help you get free audio books – free downloadable audio books and free audio books in general. Although there are some illegal ways we can think of to get free audio books, we will mention only the legal ones:

1. Free trials: There are some online shops which offer a free trial agreement, meaning you pay nothing or you can get your money back if you are dissatisfied with the products you get. The free trial agreement could be found for audio book cd and for downloadable audio books. Getting free audio books by this method is quite easy and could be down in no time. However, there are some cons: First, we believe there might be an ethical problem knowing from the beginning that no money is going to be paid for the product and that the online audio book service will be used to get a free audio book. Secondly, not all audio books are offered for the free trial. Therefore, you might get free audio books but not the ones you looked for. The last con is that some of the free trial periods are too short to listen to the audio book. Therefore, you get free audio books but have no time to listen to them.

2. File sharing services: There are numerous file sharing services on the net (Most use p2p technologies) that allow downloading files for free. We have founded more than 100 free audio books ready to download from these sites. However, it took us a lot of time to find them and the bandwidth rate was slow.

3. Search engines: You could find lots of free audio books by just searching for the right sites. Look for the small sits by typing the exact title you want and the phrase: “free audio book”. For example, if you are looking for an Harry Potter audio book just type : “Harry Potter” + “Free audio book”.

4. Markets – you can find audio books to swap with other products in some flea markets and second hand shops.

To sum up, there are no free presents. Although, there are ways to get free audio books, we think it is better to pay a couple of bucks for online audio book rental services – the worthwhile method of getting nearly free audio books.

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